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Help in kegels


So you push in your pubic area then try to pea?

Originally Posted by Slack

If you’re forcing out your pee, thats a REVERSE kegel.

A kegel is when you STOP the flow of pee.

It is NOT a squeeze of the anus.

Well, so I have been reverse kegeling for years: good, it works anyway.

When you force out your last drop of pee that is a normal kegel. You aren’t pushing the last drop out, your kegeling to um clamp, that last bit of pee out.

The only time you reverse kegel is to start the pee off. And it is only minimal.

Lilan; There is no procedure needed to kegel, or really no one to make it easier- it is as easy as the common sneeze.

Flip; Your over-complicating things. Have you ever had to stop your piss mid-stream because you were pissing sleep-walking, and instead of actually being in the toilet you were pissing on the family PC in the office? Well if so, that was indeed a kegel.

I have had farts that have been harder to negotiate than kegels. A kegel is as easy as blinking your eyes or wiping your ass. I know some people here have problems taking a piss, so why not kegels too?


fl1p just go take a piss and try to stop the urine flow while you are taking a piss. That’s a kegel. Its really, really simple.

What is better reverse kegel or a kegel in the newbie routine?


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