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Help, I'm 18 and think I have ED.

Help, I'm 18 and think I have ED.

Hey guys I just joined this forum but have spent a good few weeks reading some of the various posts, I started P.E over a few weeks ago on the first day of starting I noticed a LARGE flaccid gain + my penis was engorged. Now after 3 weeks I’m seeing little to no improvement and nothing nearly as spectacular as what I got after my first session. I read the PI’s and I have never over trained my penis, no turtling, no bruising, no swelling, etc. And no positive P.I.’s?

I came here because I felt like I was lacking, I’ve measured and I’m usually 7x5 but I’ve always been insecure about my penis.

Long story short over the last few months maybe even almost a year ago I started noticing that I was getting fewer and fewer erections, my erection quality spiked, and I went from masturbating 2 sometimes 3 times a day to once every 5 or 6 days. I used to think about women almost 24/7 and would’ve jumped at the opportunity to get with women. Now I’ve got a girl and we’ve been together a few months and just last week I tried getting with her but could barely get and maintain a proper erection. I was so embarrassed I just stopped. What I’m confused with is that I’m 18, just turned 18. And recently over the last month and a half or so I’ve been running up to 2 times a week. And been taking Nitric Oxide pre workout stuff and trying to eat lots of peanuts and almonds for my l-arginine intake. I did see a good improvement but I just find it silly that I have to take all this stuff for me to be normal.

I’m just really confused as to why I went from having flawless erections to now having maybe one or two in a few days?!

Other notes: I’m a little bit stressed with school and the workload, and with work, and I have a POOR sleeping schedule, some days I get maybe 4 hours of sleep, and others I’ll just go to bed at an absurd time. Could this be why?

Has anyone else suffered from what I’m going through because I’m feeling helpless! Please help?


Rule of the thumb : if you feel horny but you can’t get an erection, this is ED; if you don’t feel horny, that is probably a case of low testosterone. Overstress cause low testosterone production, and poor sleep is the sure path to overstress. 4 hours of sleep aren’t any good for your penis, nervous system and your heart.

When I worked 16h and slept 3-4h I had 0% sex drive. Eat healthy, sleep well, if you don’t get morning wood at, that could be ED, if you do, but still some problems with girls - that would be psychological e.g. Stress. Just chill out and take care!

Sleep bro sleep, I know you wanna stay up late and watch adult swim but no you gotta sleep lol :)

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I had this problem before. Sleep, and you’ll feel better. I on the other hand rarely get erections throughout the day, so be happy for the ones you get. :)

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For at least a good 2-1/2 years I’ve had terrible sleep patterns. I’m talking about going to bed at around 2, sometimes 3 or 4, and waking up at 8, or sleeping in very late. I’m not sure if this might be the reason why I have such a spike in my testosterone but if I correct this in theory it should fix the problem for good?

And also I’ve been masturbating to porn for a good 3 years now, do you think it could be me desensitizing my brain to the point where I no longer find women as attractive as I once had?

Originally Posted by sketchitz
And also I’ve been masturbating to porn for a good 3 years now, do you think it could be me desensitizing my brain to the point where I no longer find women as attractive as I once had?

Haha it is possible. Unless maybe your girl is a real B. It happened to me like that once. I was dating a total psycho. She was cute but one day my Johnson decided he had enough of her and refused to do it. The next day he was fine. And it’s never happened to me again. But I think the sleep is probably your problem.

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