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Help, I think I've broken my penis


The symptoms are more noticeable when my penis is in a flaccid state. When flaccid my penis appears more unstable, it wobbles a lot more, almost jellylike with the merest of touches. When erect the angle of my penis points a little bit more to the floor than before. Would it not be foolish to continue with stretching? As I could cause a rupture of the suspensory ligament leading to other problems.

I think contraction has probably already occurred as I’ve lost a bit of size when erect.

Originally Posted by hobby

What is wrong, as in what symptoms are you having?

If you partially tore your suspensory lig you got for free what some pay a lot of money for. If that’s the case, you should probably be hanging or stretching to take advantage of the condition and avoid contraction. Read about post-PE surgery protocols.

Congratulations on your 6000th post, hobby!

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

>Would it not be foolish to continue with stretching? As I could cause a rupture of the suspensory ligament leading to other problems.

That’s your call. If your doctor’s diagnosis is correct, in your position I’d be inclined to hang or use a stretcher. Use relatively low tension for long time. Tease out the length.

I agree with hobby.

Get an auto-extender and use just enough tension to keep it extended.

If you did tear that ligament, it means you were using some serious force. You don’t need that force anymore.

As hobby suggested, read up on post-surgery stuff around here.

PE is really like physical therapy in many respects. Right now you need physical therapy; to do all you can to gently keep it in an extended state while you heal.

Be careful.

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Hypothetical question time, If I had the surgery would I still be able to stretch the suspensory ligament using stretching exercises? Or would the chance of injury again be to high?

Nobody willing to offer an opinion?

Do you mean: after cut of the suspensory lig is wise or not doing stretching/hanging? Or you mean: after the lig is repaired should I avoid stretch/hanging? It’s not clear to me, sorry.

After the lig is repaired.

You should wait until is completely healed, then you can restart PE.

Do you think I should use an ADS to gently tease out the length before surgery? Like posters above suggest, or would you leave PE alone until after the surgery?

I wouldn’t touch my dick until my penis is healed. PE isn’t worth it if you loose your dick in the process, regardless of how you view your penis.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.


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