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HELP I think I lost length

HELP I think I lost length

Hi everyone,

The reason for my post is that I am very confused. I’ve been doing PE for a little over 3 months and I gained 1/8 of girth, BUT I lost like 3-5 millimeters of length! Why is this? From the beginning I tried the “less is more” way of PE, starting with 30 jelqs and no stretches and then after 2 weeks I added the simple manual stretches. Those first weeks were great, I had steel erections, my flaccid was getting a bit better, I gained 1/8 of girth, even though I did not make any erect gains. Then I added more sets of stretches (3 sets) and I started to get inconsistent and it was then that I noticed I started losing erect length and my erections were not that good and I had no morning wood again. So right now I decided to take a deacon break and start again with a few jelqs only, my routine just before this was:

5-10 mins of warm up in a VERY hot shower

30 seconds stretching (up, down, left, right and BTC) 3 sets

50-60 jelqs

10 mins warm down

I kegel rarely, when I remember to

I tried to do my routine 2 on/ 1 off but sometimes I didn’t have time so sometimes it was 1 on / 1 off or 1 on/2 off

I don’t know why this happened, it’s not a hard routine at all. Maybe I’m doing the stretches or jelqing wrong? Or using VERY hot water for warm ups and warm downs? Or masturbating every day? Should I do the newbie routine exactly as it is described? Please give me some advice or opinions cause I am really confused and I don’t know what I should do right now.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone.

Don’t worry yourself. I have often felt the same way then laid off until my EQ was back up and running and regained all that I thought I had lost. I think the most important thing is to measure consistently. I found that when I leaned over I got much better results than if I was just standing upright. Be consistent and don’t get discouraged, state of mind effects your perception more than anything.

If you are losing morning wood, it might be a sign of negative PI’s. How hard are your jelqs and at what erection level are you doing them? You might just be over doing it if your EQ has become worse.

Maybe take a break and just follow the newbie routine (as described), or even a lighter version of it if that helps you.

I have taken the less is more approach as well. I work out (the newbie routine as well) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and rest on Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend. It grows and heals when you rest, so I like to get in that rest. Once I stop gains I will up the routine.

Masturbating everyday could have an effect. This has been debated a lot on the boards and you can do a search and find many threads on the subject. I would not masturbate a few hours, before, or after PE.

And do those kegels!

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I understand how increased morning and night wood is a PI, but I’m not sure I necessarily agree that loss of morning and night wood are negative indicators. After I started PE about 3 months ago, I rarely ever wake up with an erection or get erections while sleeping. Besides that, my EQ has greatly improved and I have been gaining. I vaguely remember morning wood when I was younger, but perhaps loss of such isn’t a negative indicator in my case.

Loss of morning wood alone “might” be a negative PI for some people.

G6SS, if you normally get morning wood and good erections, and you are now getting no morning wood, erection quality has diminished, and you show a loss of length, that all adds up to negative PI’s.

Mar 2008 BPEL: 6" Base EG: 5" Mid EG: 4.75"

July 2008 BPEL: 7" Base EG: 5.75" Mid EG: 5.125"

Maybe you have gained body-weight; maybe you overworked. However, variations on penis volume are normal, don’t worry.

3-5mm is pretty minor, you might just be measuring at a slightly different angle than you were before. I would say just rest a bit, and do some kegels for your morning wood.

Well I thought it was something pretty serious, glad to hear it isn’t that bad. What I’m planning to do is to finish this week without doing any PE and then ill try your routine Pole Position. I also forgot to mention that my flaccid got back to it’s pitiful pre-PE state, however I do think that masturbating has a negative effect for some people and I think I am one of those people, but I am controlling that now. JS I didn’t use to have morning wood either, though after PE I started to have it, it’s just that something happened to my dick that is not reacting well. Smooth how long of a break did it took you to get your EQ back? Is one week enough? Thanks for all the advice guys and please keep it coming cause my dick really has to grow, and fast.

How many seconds are you taking to do a jelq? Congrats on the gains! And size fluctuations are normal For example the last three NBP measurements I took were 8”. The forth measurement was 7.9”. However I’m retaining water. So physiological factors like stress, water re-tension, too much caffeine can cause slight deductions in size.

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