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HELP I keep getting erections while stretching

HELP I keep getting erections while stretching

Hey guys! I’m new with PE.. I just started yesterday and one problem I noticed is that I keep getting erections everytime I do strecthing. What can I do to resolve this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tnx guys!

It’s about time,just keep going me too I experienced that

To be honest onelastthing your dick will get used to this and you will train yourself to stay flaccid. Just takes a bit of practice. There are other little tips that you will pick up yourself. Everyone is different so reacts different. Goodluck with your PE my friend and take things easy is my advice. Welcome to thunders, enjoy, it’s free and it’s the place to get what your looking for. All the best, Countdown 2.

Thanks especially to countdown2.

Well, my “trick” to remain flaccid is do something very non-sexual when I stretch. For example, when I stretch I surf and read the news. This will keep my mind occupied and if I read about war and stuff I sure won’t get an erection. Works for me anyways. Good luck.

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Listen to some talk radio to take your mind off filthy thoughts. :up:

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This is extremely natural, and the explanation is simple. Usually when we touch our dicks, before starting PE, it’s for masturbation, so when your touch your dicks in order to stretch, your subconscious figures out you’re going to masturbate, and gets your dick ready by going erect.

Just keep doing PE, and eventually, after 2-3 sessions, your brain will learn a new state of PE, in which the penis has to be flaccid even though you touch it, and will keep your penis flaccid, unless you think some really filthy thoughts, or have a girl strip in front of you… In which case, why are you bothering with PE? Just give her what she wants ;-)

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I must point out that you’re training the response to the sensation, and not diminishing the sensation itself.

To be fair, I didn’t have to point that out, though it did let me get that first post out of the way.

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Hehe yeah you will get used to it buddy.

Might happen to you too though, like it happens to me.. When my balls are shaved, and if they get touched by mistake (might be my fetish - woman @ balls touching) - I get an instant errection. But once it’s off I’m back at work.

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