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Help guys

Help guys

I need to get thicker. While I could stand to be a little longer as well(I don’t want to be a toothpick tho) I need to get thicker. Right now, I’m about 6” long and only 3.5” around. To measure, I got the tape ruler so I could wrap it around and thats how I got my results. How can I get bigger(thicker first)?

Whats up Hot Sauce? Welcome to Thunders.

You should start with the Newbie Routine if you haven’t done any PE in the past. Seriously, don’t skip it, you don’t want to injure yourself.
Here’s the routine: Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Focus on the jelqs if you want, and not as much stretching, but be sure to perform the conditioning to get your dick prepared to handle the stresses more advanced girth exercises require.

Then once you have completed the newbie routine check out some of these girth exercises: Girth Routines

Thanks for the welcome! How bad is my starting size? Also, what kind of results should I expect in say 3 months with regular exercise?


Your length is exactly average, so any gains there and you’ll be above average. Your starting girth is below average, but that’s why most of us are here. :)

Results vary greatly which makes it difficult to say what to expect in 3 months. Regardless of the results, why not do it? Any growth is better than no growth, right? Don’t worry too much about meeting goals in a certain amount of time. Instead, select a routine and stick with it. With enough dedication and patience you will make progress and achieve your goals.

Sometimes the newbie routine will girth you up and length you up at the same time.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Stick to the Newbie Routine. All of the routine is good for you, but jelqs are especially good for girth. So don’t miss a jelqing session, and practise your technique, just be careful not to over-train your member.

Good luck :-)

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

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