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Help guys

Help guys

I just started PE.
I was jelqing for about 10 mins. Or more but there was a sharp pain around where the pubic hair is.

I was wondering if this is a bad sign , I have a feeling it’s not a good sign but I need some opinions.

I drew a picture to show you where the sharp pain is so you have a good idea.

I do wet jelging btw with lube and I watched the videos how to jelge properly.

One more question is it better to jelge when it’s 100% boner , I thought it’s better when it’s not hard when you jelge


Congratulations, you’re well on your way to becoming an accomplished artist. My guess is that you over-stretched a ligament. You should jelq at about 65% erection. Good Luck.

Danb1875 is that during stretching or jelqing ?

Hey heyit, you should never jelq with a 100 % erection, and you have to be careful when you jelq at higher erection levels.

Concerning your pain, take time off until the pain stops.

And take it easy, you’ve got only one dick!

I do feel some minor pain while jelqing but nothing as rapid as your are describing. I would just take a couple of days off and see if the situation imporves. And I also agree with my fellow members, don’t jelq while 100% erect.

PS. Do you feel pain when you are done jelqing too, or only while PE?

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While PE

Chicken : When I jelq should I pull little hard while jelqing ?
Cause during one of those videos that guy look like he was pulling it up a little hard when jelqing

Feel your penis my friend, and listen to it. If you just started, you should not apply great pressure. Gradually increase it over time.

Thanks chicken

Originally Posted by heyitzlemmiwink
Thanks chicken

Perhaps you should let it rest for a few days.

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