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Help Guys Injured

Help Guys Injured

Hi All,

As suspected I have injured myself and have been taking a break from PE for the last 4 or 5 days. The problem started when I did Horse 440 s and probably shouldn’t have , at the end of the session my dick was slightly pointing right. Later that night I checked again and it was straight again but then I noticed a strange “tight” sensation up the left side of my dick and at the base. I have had twinges of pain sometimes when manual stretching but I’ve always backed off and stretched lighter. I’m really worried about this because it doesn’t seem to be going away , I can feel it now and especially when I’m lying on my stomache , it’s not pain but I can feel a tight strange sensation down the left side . HELP what do I do !! This is so frustrating , I know it’s my own fault but I was making such good gains !!

A typical story I suppose!

First of all, take a break, meaning NO PEing for a few days.

Other than that, I’m going to have to defer to the guys.

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Don’t worry. Sounds like a slight strain. Just like your arms or your legs, your penis is a muscle. You clearly over stretched it and it needs time to heal. You are probably a slow healer. Be patient, do not start up PE again until the tightness has fully subsided. You have your whole life to gain a massive cock :) Actually, there is a supplement I use after I work out which heals your muscles faster so your not sore the next morning, it’s a powder form and looks like cocaine. I’m not sure if it will help but it wouldn’t hurt. It’s called L-glutamine. You’ll be fine.

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I would stay away from exercises for a while, but I think doing the warm-up, keeping a warm compress(wheat bag or warm towel) over the area will ease recovery, maybe LIGHTLY massaging it with a vitamen-E lotion two or three times a day to loosen it up is worth a try, but in general, hands off.


Sorry to hear of your injury, man! Horse440’s are a very dangerous, and advanced exercise, due to the internal pressure that is generated. Rest. Take a break. Heal up. Read up here on injury prevention and treatment so that you don’t overdo it again.


I’ve been through a few minor PE injurys before, luckily I had enough common sence to take a nice 3 day to a week long break each time. One little manual stretching type injury I had and I’ve heard it described here sometimes, is where I had a nice little sharp pain shooting up the right side of my shaft to the head. It scared the shit out of me at first as well as some other little injurys like doing a BTC stretch while sitting on my dick for about 5 mins in the first few months of my PE career and ended up making my dick have temporary ED where it was really hard to get it up. After a few months of going through this stuff I really got to know my dick better and have a real nice feeling for what is safe in PE now and what is not. Just take it easy for a few days, try to get a erection and jack it in a day or so as a test to see if your dick and balls are in good shape. And then keep doing that test until everything is fairly nice again and start back slow and easy. Good luck man.

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