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Help for uncut

Help for uncut

Hi there, I’m an uncut guy with lots of loose foreskin. I don’t want any more skin stretch. So far I’ve tried the bibhanger and chicken choker 3; neither have worked very well, because the skin slips over the head and there is little traction on the internal structures. Sometimes, I can get a bit of traction by clamping over the glans, but not very much and in any case I have heard that this is not advisable (nerve damage?)

I’m not very experienced in wrapping.

Anyone with any advice? What model of hanger is best for uncircumcised guys? Is there anyone out there who is uncut like me and had to try a lot of different things before finding one that worked?



I’m uncut and had problems wrapping. Check out this thread.

I’ve never used the wrap in that thread for hanging, don’t want to hang but it should work. It worked nicely for wearing the Penimaster. No noticeable gains from the PM though.

Good luck!

There are no other uncut/uncircumsized guys who can give other advice on this?

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I’m uncut and have never found a stretching method that I’m comfortable with. I’ve never used a hanger as I’m holding that out as the last resort if I ever run out of experiments (don’t want to stretch the ligs as long as there may be another way).

With foreskin in place is slides very easily without gripping the internal structures. With it rolled back there is limited tissue to grip and it’s very sensitive to the kind of abuse PE involves.

The only way I’ve ever got good grip is to grip hard enough with the skin in place and enough blood in the head that it damages the skin and puts undue pressure from the inside.

Jelqing and girth exercises on the other hand come easily. So much so that I’ve never felt the benefit in using lube since there is enough skin movement to get by without it.

I guess we’re screwed whichever side of the cut/uncut fence we’re on. I have tried latex gloves while retracted which is probably the best thing I’ve found. A towel works too but it’s a little harsh. I haven’t tried talc but I guess it would help.

I’m actively persuing a solution to this now after enough years of struggling. I’ll update if I ever find anything, but if anyone has ideas they’d be much appreciated.

What kind of Bib hanger do you use?
I am uncut, and hung using the Wench, CCH3 and the Bib Starter, all successfully, but there is a trick to it.

Let me now what you are using and I try and get you sorted.


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