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Help Folks E.D.

Help Folks E.D.

If anyone can help I’d appreciate it. I’ve been doing basic stretches, pumping, jelq, and light hanging for about a month and a half to two months now. I’ve gotten no noticeable increase in size unless I’m pumping, in witch case it’s about 3/4 inch but fades of course in time. The one very helpful thing that has happened is my circumcision scar has stretched noticeably about 3/8 to 1/4 and for the first time in my life masturbation, sex, or just a normal erection doesn’t cause me pain, which believe me helps during sex. Unfortunately I’ve developed a new problem it seems, while I’m not getting any bigger, I also do not seem to be able to get my normal erection going. It’s happened two times now.

1st I had been pumping fairly good and went to have sex with the 1.5 increase from the pumping with my girl friend. Problem being that outside of the pump I couldn’t keep an erection going.

2ND time it happened, I had been jelqing about 1/2-1hr before, then my girlfriend came home and wanted sex and the same thing happened again. I couldn’t get a full erection to Even get inside of her, let alone climax. Really need help on this one and I am too stressed/ falling to sleep to hunt the boards to try and find a answer that might already be posted. So would this be E.D.? And will it go away? Should I stop trying to increase? Or just part of what I’m doing to increase penis size. Thanks guys for the help..

Oh, I had taken two days off (weekend) to rest and see if that would help start the gain I keep reading about but still Nothing.

Take two weeks off and then if you want still do PE start from the newbie routine. What you have been doing is pure nonsense and overwork is the most predictable outcome of that regimen. Think in terms of months to see gains and forget any device for now.

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