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Help finding a realistic goal.

I would agree, instead.

I’m kind of excited for the discipline aspect of PEing as well. See I dropped out of college last year due to terrible study habits. Who knows maybe PEing will help me focus on stuff better. Who wouldn’t want a bigger penis and a bigger brain?

present size > past size = goal achieved

Repeat for life.

Originally Posted by redbear52
I think achieving a size of 7” BPEL and 5.5” MSEG while simultaneously maintaining of improving EQ is quite doable. How long it will take is anyone’s guess. Some guys have made very impressive newbie gains within a few months. For others, the same gain may take years. As long as you have good EQ and are gaining, however slowly, I would keep doing the same thing. If after 3 months you are still gaining, but slowly, you can try upping the intensity and/or duration of the same maneuvers while closely watching EQ.

As for what is the ideal penis size, there have been quite a few threads here on that topic and the bottom line is there is no such thing. What is ideal for one woman might be larger or smaller than ideal for another. The consensus seems to be that overall most generally desirable size on the part of females is somewhere in the 7 x 5.5” to 8 x 6” range. I’ve seen a few polls conducted on women’s sites that got quite a few responses. The overall favorite for insertable length seems to come up 7 inches frequently.

My own humble experience, what I have been told by mature, experienced women, and what I have read from the more credible internet sources leads me to believe that guys start running into trouble with being a bit too large for some women when they exceed about 7 inches in functional length and 5.5” in circumference. By 8 inches of insertable length and 6” girth, one can expect to have some size incompatibilities with a significant proportion of woman, and larger than that will cause trouble for many, if not most. Many here will disagree.

completely agree, in my experience girls tend to have more trouble adjusting to a penis passing or in the 8” mark, so I think that a 7” length is more than enough, as for the girth, the majority of women will have pain or struggle with a 6” plus inch girth penis so I think is safe to assume that the standard women would love a 7 length 5.5-5.6 girth penis and some girls will love an 8” by 6” penis although I have met many girls that think that 6” girth is painful.

Ahora:Longitud: 18 BP Grosor: :littleguy avanzado a los 14 EG.

Metas:Longitud: 20 BP Grosor: 15 EG.

Fotos y progresos avantasia

Okay so at this moment in time I’m going to try and shoot for 7.25-7.5 BPEL and 5.5 MSEG. Not going to put a time limit on the gain but hoping for the goal to be achieved in a year or so. Wish me luck, I’m ready to start my adventure! Also I completely agree as well that’s why I want to reach that goal of around 7x5.5 I feel like it’s the pleasure point for most women. Thanks guys!

thank you, and welcome to the PE journey :) .

Ahora:Longitud: 18 BP Grosor: :littleguy avanzado a los 14 EG.

Metas:Longitud: 20 BP Grosor: 15 EG.

Fotos y progresos avantasia

Originally Posted by DFuse
Nice e211, I’m hoping I can get that in the amount of time it took you. What’s you routine like?

I actually started with a real light newbie routine. I hadn’t joined thunders yet but I was looking around the site and just started stretching in the shower with some jelqing. I told my girlfriend at the time I was 6.5 which was an exageration or some fully stretched jabbing the ruler in measurement I came up with. I remember after maybe 3 months measuring and being like crap I’m 6.75 now. That’s when I knew it worked because I had never in any way seen that measurement before measuring in any way. So the first half inch came much easier than the busting through 7 inch mark. That seemed like a plateau I’d never break. My fully stretched length is now closing in on 7.5 inches and that was after starting in with hanging and now fulcrum stretches. For most I think your gains come first on the fully stretched measurement and then the erect gain follows. But don’t do that until at least after 6 months of doing the newbie stuff and getting to know your limits. Cannot emphasize enough that slow and steady wins the race.

Originally Posted by e211
I actually started with a real light newbie routine.

True, some guys are “less is more” gainers. I did something lighter than the regular newbie too. Too many jelqs. I gained anyway. An interesting thread:

Is starting out lesser necessarily better

Originally Posted by DFuse
Starting out I’m about 6.25 BPEL, 5 mseg, 5.25 bg. But after skimming the forum there is so much variation on people goals that I can’t really tell what a realistic one for me would be. Any suggestions

Maybe you should make whatever goal you feel like making, then as time goes by you’ll see whether it’s realistic or not. I think even ultra hard gainers (people that have trouble growing) have gained as much as 2” of length with enough dedication. Some people claimed to have gained a lot more than that. As time goes by you can adjust your goals so that they make more sense. I think going in with some kind of goal is a good thing, because then at least you have a way of assessing whether you’re getting what you want out of PE.

Once you start PEing you’ll start to realize how much time and effort it may take to reach your goals, based on your physiology. Since PE is not hard science, no one but you can really determine that. Maybe I’m unrealistic, but I think you can reach any goal you set if you’re willing to make the sacrifices required. If you’re willing to be consistent, and never give up, you’ll eventually reach your goals.

Just don’t be like me and completely quit after you make some gains. I lost a lot of what I gained from PE, and now I’m working on getting it back. It’s true, I got complacent.

dude…. its up to you
im 19.5 cm by 12.5 cm and my eventual goal is 23x15.5
it will take a while
but its worth it

also: the bigger the better

as said before
keep PEing
its for live

Current size: 19.5cm by 12.5 cm

Short term goal: 21cm by 14cm

Long term goal: 23cm by 16 cm

I don’t quite understand this “goal setting” custom for PE. Does that make you better motivated? Does it help in making a bigger dick? I think is just one more opportunity to get disappointed if the goal does not materialise in the expected time frame.

My PE philosophy is that any gain is welcome. I won’t set goals, just try to gain until I’ll notice to be in danger of getting too big :) !

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Or it’s an opportunity to be very pleased about your hard work when you achieve your ultimate goal. And if you have no ultimate goal, its a good way to have no direction and not be sure what you’re doing so much that you never end up getting anywhere.

I agree with the first sentence!

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

To me any gain at all should be your first goal

Begin 2004 BPEL 6.5 EG-5

8-1-2010 BPEL 6.5 EG-5

I am listing my stats to keep me motivated with something I should have stuck with. 100% committed now!


Try getting the best E.Q as possible, gains will come thereafter.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


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