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Help encourage a noobie "grower" to start PE

Help encourage a noobie "grower" to start PE

Hi All,

I’m posting a similar message on another PE forum, so please excuse the “copy” if you happen to see this same post another forum- I’m just trying to get as many people to chime in as I can.

I’m a bit apprehensive about starting PE so I’m looking for some encouragement here and maybe someone with similar “stats” or “phenotype” as me to chime in.

I’m 24 years old, 6”1 and everything is going well in my life except I’m a little on the “short side” in length.. And I am a grower.

Here are my measurements:

Length- 2.5”
Girth- 4”

Length- 4.75”
Girth- 5.5”

So as you can see, my overall flaccid size bothers me a little.. And my erect length isn’t great either. My erect girth is good however, so I am grateful for that. I am a big time “grower”. I guess it’s also a little strange that my girth is bigger than my length..

Does anyone have similar stats as me and could recommend a routine that helped them? I’d like to believe that people with similar physiological stats can benefit from similar methods.. Or at least try.

I also want to take this very slow as to minimize risk.. Would a simple warm up/warm down and jelqing routine 4x a week be enough for the first few months to see how things go?

Are there are any specific routines or exercises other than jelqing that one could recommend based on my physiological stats?

If I could just get my erect length to 6” and flaccid to 3.5”, I’d be more than happy..

Thanks guys!

Hey txdude. You don’t say if your length is bone-pressed or non-bone-pressed.

Really whatever your starting point, the standard newbie routine (down-scaled a bit to start with and built up steadily) is the best place to start. It, and most of the other information you will need is in the links in the FAQ at the top of the page.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

txdude , welcome to thunders place !
I’d say try one of the newbie routines here .
They will get your unit conditioned for PE .
There’s a lot of guys here that will help you .

As a side note , I gained about an inch with the newbie routine . Give it a go !
dooks out !!!

Start Sept. 09 BPEL 5.5"

Now Jan. 14 BPEL 6.6" Goal 7.5 "x 6"

Improving my Best Friend in 3 Dimensions.

You have a good girth, length is average. That’s good news because as others will tell you length is absolutely easier to gain than girth. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but for the vast majority, getting length shouldn’t be a problem. Just be patient and don’t overdo your workouts.

Try to have an impressive dick, rather than an intimidating one. Bigger is not always better. Find a happy medium

G’day txdude23. I started PE 3yrs ago, been here almost a year, and my biggest and only gain except EQ has been 1 to 1.5 extra flaccid.

I’m a very hard gainer so don’t be dishearten. With just the flaccid gain I feel a lot better and the wife dose notice and comment on the donger hanging down my jeans leg.

Go slow , don’t force growth.

Hey tx dude,

Start with the newbie routine my friend, in my opinion its the bread, butter, and basis for any PE routine(manual, at the very least). As weeks go by, increase the intensity.
Read and search lots, lots lots. Read, research.

Patience and applying what you read on the forums here. In time, you’ll see some gains.
Listen to your unit during workouts, and rest days.
Also important, stay committed, and consistent as much as possible.
Same thing as listening to your body when/after you hit the gym.

Good luck on getting some gains friend.

Just gainin one step at a time.

Running a marathon here, not a sprint.

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Hey txdude!

Welcome to Thunders.

You have already been given lots of information on how to accomplish your goals. Accordingly, I just want to give you some encouragement and motivation. In this regard I started at 4.4” (NBPEL) and I am currently 5.25”. However, it did take about four years of fairly consistent work. My flaccid length improved from 2.5” to over 3.5”.

Be patient and be consistent and you can do as well or better.

Good luck

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Welcome aboard, friend.

Well, everything has been said already, newbie routine is your stuff and, the most important of all, it will let you “know” your penis.

Seems easy as work out at the gym, but we are not used (at least I wasn’t) to have this close relationship with the guy down there.

And never stop reading, I learn something new every time I log in here. Discovered it 3 months ago and can’t stop reading.

Take care and best of luck.

June14: BPEL 6.5; MSEG 4.9; BEG 4.7. Jan15: BPEL 6.7; MSEG 5.3; BEG 4.9.

First Goal: 7 x 5

I’m here a newbie too, I think do some exercise, and eat some useful food may have chance to change it.

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