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Help Damage Control

Help Damage Control

I Guess I Jelqed When I Was Too Erect And Now At The Top Left Of My Johnson, Just Under The Head, There Is A Small Portion That Kinda Puffs Out. It Doesn’t Hurt, It’s Just Like That Portion Is Maybe Filling Up With Blood. It’s Like I Squeezed To Hard Or I Pulled Too Much. Any Ideas On What It Is And How Do I Fix It?

Hey Nate. Any discoloration with the puffiness? If not, it’s probably just a donut-like swelling effect. Nothing to get too worried about, but for heaven’s sake take it easy man…lol.


May I suggest that you read everything there is to read about what to avoid and why before continuing PE. I can’t understand why you are prepared to gamble like this with your unit, having no idea what happened to you when the predictable things happen.

Are you asking this question right after your workout? If so, give it a couple of hours and it will probably go away. It most likely is an accumulation of lymph fluid. Take it easy if you are new to this as your post count would suggest. No erect stuff for now.

Going at it too hard or too long is only going to slow your progress, especially in the newbie stage.

Nate I’m sorry you have maybe two or three hours tops to live

Like gprent said it’s just fluid it happens to me sometimes I wouldn’t worry about it if it keeps happening take it easier or take a few days off.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Don’t write in caps for every word, because it makes it hard to follow what you’re saying, not to mention it is against the forum’s rules. Thank you.

No Discoloration Or Puffiness. The Donut Doesn’t Go All The Way Around. Just On The Left Side.
The Reason I Was Worried Is Because It Is Still There Even Overnight. I Thought Swelling Will Just Subside After A While, But This Seems Like A Long While.
So Should I Just Lay Off Jelqing For A While Till This Fluid Subsides, Like A Day Or So, Or What.

P.s. I Wasn’t Trying To Jelq With An Erection. I Guess I Just Wasn’t Paying Attn. I Have Two Jobs And Don’t Want My Wife To Know Just Yet That I’m Trying To Improve Her Situation, So I’m Doing This In A Hurry At Work During Breaks And Well 15/30 Minutes Is Probably Not Long Enough Or I’m Trying To Squeezing Too Much Exercise Into The Time Allowed. No Pun Intended.

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