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Help concerning LOT

Help concerning LOT

Hy everybody. I found out that my LOT is 7:30 . From what I`ve read , that means I have to concentrate on high hanging(right?). Now I have a stupid question. What does HIGH(or low) HANGING mean? Is it the angles? I swear I`ve searched but couldn’t found. PLease help. Thanks

The LOT theory was one guy’s opinion about the relationship (if any) between “inner penis” angle, bulbocavernosus muscle contractions, and the ability to gain from hanging in certain directions. Some agree with him, many do not. I’d say don’t worry about LOT if you’re new to PE. Use the Newbie Routine and work at it for a couple months. Then you can start doing other things like hanging.


OK. I`ll take your advice. But if I don’t see real result in 3 months.. I think I`ll try LOT.


Good point man. I was testing my own LOT and it appeared to be low. I was getting discouraged and then read your article about the “Lot Theory” and it gave me a whole new perspective on the situation.

Bottomline: IT’s a THEORY. Not 100 percent proven science. In a nutshell I believe there are way to many variables involved in this theory for it to be law.

Like I said in the thread I made.I’m just going to do the newbie routine and go from there.

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