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Help Can't Stay Hard While Jelqing

Help Can't Stay Hard While Jelqing

Hi everyone this is my very first post .. I started PE exactly 2 weeks ago on a 2 on 1 off schedule. I hot wrap for 10 minutes and manual stretch for 30 followed by aprox 45 minutes to an hour of jelquing.. Then I shower to “warm down” this is my version of a slightly modified newb routine.. Ok so here is the big problem for me..

When Jelqing I can only stay hard for 10 reps and then it’s almost down to completely flacid.. No matter what I do.. Watch porn.. Think of fucking my girl .. I have noticed that unless I am stimulating my unit it goes down unlike when I was 16 and id have a boner for an hour untouched. So while it takes a normal person 10 minutes to jelq out say 200 reps .. It takes me minimum 45 minutes because I have to stop and stimulate every 10 to at most 15 reps and it sometimes take 30-60 seconds to get it very firm again.. So ..

A] how do I deal w/ this and make this no longer a problem?
B] is jelqing even effective only being able to do 10 consecutive reps?
C] anyone know of anyways to maintain an erection naturally.. Ie no supplements?

For the record my starting stats are as follows
BPEL 6.5 x EG 5

I have extensively searched the forums and have only found 1 “solution” watch porn or take pills.. Porn don’t work for me and I want my body to function naturally as it should in terms of getting hard.. I don’t want pill dependency.. I would love to hear some advice from anyone capable new or old to the forums..

I want to thank all the vets for helping people like me achieve goals previously thought impossible in an open and honest easy to deal w/ manner.. I love this forum and will be around for a long time to come.. My ultimate goal is BPEL 9 x EG 6.5 I would like to accomplish this is 1 year and 6 months time.

Hi I’m a noob to but From what I have read I don’t think your supposed to be 100% erect when Jelqing it can cause injury

My remedies are jerking off less, using a cock ring slightly too big ( I don’t want to be 100% erect), and of course porn.

I really cant think of much to help.

Do you kegel while you are jelqing. If not try that it helps me to keep a good erection.

Another thing is you can try edging. Masturbate to the point of ejaculation but don’t ejaculate. Stop. Then start jelqing. When the erection starts to get low do it again.

PE should help you maintain better erections for longer so I’m sure that after a week or two of PEing you’ll be able to hold an erection longer.

Sorry I cant think of anything else for you to try. I hope something I’ve suggested works.

Search. Read. Learn. Apply. Make weener bigger........Eventually reach goal of giant weener

Seem to me it’s very difficult, but maybe you are just one of lucky quick gainer, so I wish you luck to gain 2.5”x1.5” in 18 months.

When I jelq I watch some smoking hot porn ( seems to be my answer to everything :D ) to help me stay hard. If you don’t like porn try kegels , cut caffiene & alcohol from diet or take a recovery break to see if ut helps. Just some useless tips :D

Thanks everyone

I guess my biggest question is is jelqing still going to do something?


Originally Posted by xxcalisocaxx
I guess my biggest question is is jelqing still going to do something?

I can answer my own question for any newb out there. I’m coming up on my 3 week mark for PE and I can tell you all YES pe is helping me. I know for a fact that I have never tipped over 6.1 NBPEL on a ruler and now if I kegel while I am hard I can occaisonaly tap the 6.5 NBPEL mark! What I like to call my resting erection still sits pretty much at 5.9 NBEL.

Now I propose a new question for anyone with some reasonable experience. In your experience do you believe that my “newb gains” will pretty much tap out at a “resting erection” of 6.5 NBPEL. It seems like that makes sense to me.

I am converted to a believer in PE. I really hope to maintain my enthusiasm throughout the next one and a half years and keep making true cemented gains. The only time I plan on missing out on my PE is when I go home on leave or when someone from home comes to visit me. Now please excuse me, it’s time to remove the hot wrap and get to work.

Good luck to all and everyone. I wish yall the best.

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