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Help can this be fixed

Help can this be fixed

Hi Guys I experienced/noticed something last night ,after me and the wife got busy I was still quite hard so being the good PE artist that I am I took it as an opportunity to measure, I also am interested in getting a pump so I need to find out what size cylinder to get, well anyway as I am standing there looking down I noticed that my stuff is looking crooked it is leaning towards the right, the right side of my shaft is straight and the left side is tapered leading up to the head (looks real good) ,so now I’m getting obsessed with fixing it, I don’t want a crooked dick forever .I need help how can I reverse this ,in looking back I have noticed that I tend to jelq more with my right hand ,could this be the cause,what should I do, should I become a left handed jelqer ,should I get some kind of mechanical device .IE penis master.should I leave it alone for a while.HELP!! I mostly follow the guidelines of the newbie routine with dry jelq at about 80% mostly 2 on 2 off .please respond .help me straighten things out. Thanks FH

I wish I could suggest a clear cut way for you to straighten things out Sir however I am not going to make any recommendation just yet and will rather allow others with direct and varied experience express themselves as I too have long sought the answer to this question you have posed. I am not certain it can be answered with certainty. Doing a search on previous posts could reveal some ideas too. As for pumping….if you go into the pumping section you will come across what I call the the pumping bible authored by Avocet 8 its called Vacuum pumping 101, and with regards to cylinder selection and so forth GPrent authored a manual/ guide also in the pumping section called Selecting Your Cylinder Size. Indirect experience has lead me to believe that pumping in some measure can help those of us with curved cocks a little but things are not definite yet and I am still experimenting.

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Well phenyo it looks like we are going to be stuck like this,


You should find your answers if you make a search. (I know you will because I read a thread about that 2 weeks or so ago.)

Anyways how crooked has it become from what it was?

Take care.

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