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Help cable clamps

Help cable clamps

Hi I’m from the UK and I want to use cable clamps to increase my girth but they don’t sell them over here and I’ve tried a similar thing but they are not the original cable clamps and so they aren’t strong enough for me to even bother doing my PE. Please could someone help? I’m willing to pay over PayPal or something I just really want to get them but can’t


Use what you have. So you would prefer not to PE at all if you dont have clamps? How long have you done the newbie routine or any manual exercise? Order them online if need be.

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No such thing as can’t. Some B&Q stores stock them in their electrical departments or you can do what many others do and order a pack from (medium size)

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Go to B&Q’s website and search your local store. It will tell you if they carry cable clamps at your local store and if they are currently in stock.

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