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Help burning feeling after stretching


Help burning feeling after stretching


I was just starting my routine, as usual with some stretching. After about 5 min. Suddenly (while streching the right side, penis to the left) I felt a burning pain on the right. I stopped immediately but the burning feeling didnt go away. Especially when I touch that area I feel this burning!

It freaks me out!

I am gonna stop every activity for now till it gets better! I hope it does get better!!

Has anybody ever had this as well, or an idea what it could be??

Thanks, surfdude

Welcome to the club of injured ligaments, surfdude. ;)

IMO you have two options now:
a) Go see a doctor about it.
b) Don’t go see a doctor about it ;)

If you decide for choice b here are some things that could help you in your healing quest (it will be a LONG time.. 2-3 months if you don’t play with your ligaments):

- Inflammation is ok, but if it lasts for longer than a few days, beware since your ligs will most probably get stronger (besides the deformation you probably put them into already).
- Every once in a while (15-30 mins a day is said to be a good number) Cool your ligaments, eg. use a therapeutic cooling pad on the skin above your ligaments (some said a cushion filled with peas right out of the fridge was ok for this, too).
- Don’t frigging strain them even to the least amount. Yeah, this means no PE and depending on the severity of the injury even no fully blown erections (eg. 120% erections).
- Protect your ligaments from further straining. Wearing really tight briefs while positioning your dick in a way that the briefs push it “inward” somewhat is _really_ helping your body in the healing process.

That’s for the no brainer section.

Now to something people did (yeah this includes me): If you are into lig stretching you can try pulling very slightly in order to get the ligs to heal in a longer state.
My opinion: Don’t do it.. I tried it and found it only fucks up the healing process badly.

IMO visiting an urologist is the best (and first) thing to do. Do it fast. There is always a good chance that he can stop you from accidentally doing something stupid to the _only_ dick you will ever have :)
Frankly tell him all about it (well that, or make up a good sex story that could explain the injury.. Yeah, I know it’s impossible :) ).

Good luck with your injury.


She said you had a small dick huh? Well just remind her of what Tom Arnold said about his soon to be ex-wife, Roseanne, when she said very publicly that he had a little dick - "Hell, even a 747 looks small when you put it in the Grand Canyon". START: 2004-12-06 EBPL 6.70" BPEL, EG 5" CURRENT STATUS: Full Healing Break (Plasticized ligaments need time to heal -- Beware the rotating manual stretches ;) ) 2005-01-07 EBPL 7.68", EG 5" GOAL: EBPL 8.5" (ENBPL 7.9"), EG 6"

Thanks YS

Are you really sure about this? Cause when it happend, I didnt really stretch the ligs to hard (compared with previous intensities) and what makes me unsure about the lig explanation is the fact, that when I touch the side of my penis I feel a little burning, not that it really hurts though. I was more thinking about having overstretched the nerves on the right side (how could a lig injury give me a burning feeling on the top of my penis?)

What do you think about this? (To the healing process this would be even worse, talking about up to 6 months!)
And what about sex, I can’t tellmy girlfriend, I pulled my dick to hard, I can’t have sex for 3 months?? Helppppppppppp!

No, I am _not_ sure.. How could I ?
It’s just the most likely result when stretching.

And about the burning sensation:
Could still be part of a lig injury (if it’s not all of the _side_ we are talking about, but only in the lower half/third of your penis).

The burning sensation on the glans isn’t fitting in this picture at all though.

Did you lose any sensation (anywhere) in/on your dick, eg. are you having a numb place somewhere that hasn’t been there before ?
Did (part of) your dick change color (eg. some people reported a greyish color on the head when they _really_ overdid jelqing) ?

BTW: If you ripped a nerve healing will take a _really_ long time.. People here state a healing time up to a year until the nerve is fully healed again (if that happens at all that is.. Nerves are quite tricky). A new, numb feeling could be a pointer to this.

Especially with the glans giving a burning sensation I just have to say: Get to a trustworthy (and knowledgeable) urologist and let him do the examination (and the reasoning).

In short: Go visit your doctor _NOW_ ! :)

Good luck, surfdude.


It could be many things. It could be microtears which is what I aim for. It could be thrombosed vein or burst capillary? It could be torn ligs. Only you can tell by the degree of pain. Have you made any gains? I constantly have a slight ache thru out the day with PE. Maybe I’m just a glutton for aches and pains. It could be you strained or tore subcutaneous attachments of the shaft skin , fat pad, scrotum etc. Some people have pulled on underlying veins and vas deferens by accident.

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Originally Posted by SiamGuy
It could be you strained or tore subcutaneous attachments of the shaft skin , fat pad, scrotum etc. Some people have pulled on underlying veins and vas deferens by accident.

That’s why I’d rather let a doctor see to it than a supposedly newbie like me.
There’s just so much that could have happened and where you just don’t have the expertise to decide whether it’s ok with some healing time or not.

Like ynarevith always puts it:
You only have this dick. Treat it nicely! :)

On a sidenote:
If you really did something to your ligaments your dick will probably be a bit longer in the opposite direction of the pain than when pointing elsewhere.. Sustained kegels would make him jump slightly in the opposite direction of the overstretched ligament.

BTW: What kind of stretch did you do when this happened, surfdude?
A stretch up to your belly? Or down to the ground? Or just straight out?
Did you stretch the tunica itself (the corpora enlarging when your penis is getting into erect state) or the ligaments below (eg. did you feel a stretch/the pain somewhere in your gut?)


P.S: Oh and yna, don’t kick me for paraphrasing your quote

Hi guys

Iam back from the doctors. As you said YS , it wasn’t too easy to explain to them how it happend. I told them everything I could tell em. Their reaction was ok, they understood me feeling bad about my penis size. And the standard answer from a urologist is: you have a totally normal average size dick! Yes I know that (just under 6”), but.. Guess you understand me guys!

To what they said:
It is either an overstreched nerve or more a branch of a surface nerve or the branch is fully torn (snapped?) I am on Voltaren pills now for a week. If it doesnt heel within 7 to 14 days it will most probably take 6 months!! (Freakon nerves grow very slowely!)

What I did: I was stretching to the lower left, when I felt that burning sensation on the right side of my penis. Well I stopped, but it was too late. I still don’t understand how it happend cause the nerves follow the back from the penis and are not coming from the side! Fact is that I am off PE for a long time, maybe forever. I am not sure yet if it’s worth for me to risk the ability of becoming a father. I also asked the doctor about the stuff that happens with the corpora cavernosa when it’s injured. He said, the “hole” would be filled up with scar tissue not with the Endothel that was there before. (Thats why most people find their dick becoming harder in a flacid state!) he thought it would be a tremendous risk to take and wasn’t sure if it really was working. (Well I am not 100% sure because I have never seen a pic from someone I know personally before and after, but I believe there wouldn’t be so many people doing it if it didnt work!)

The thing is, stretching is the riskier part of the PE because nerves are in the way (veins can heal quite easily): if I ever start PEing again, I won’t do the stretching anymore!

Cheers guys, I will post the latest diagnosis

Crap dude, I hope you get better soon, good luck

Wow, surfdude. Sorry to hear that. Hope it heals up for you quickly and that there is no long lasting side effects (except maybe an extra inch like some people on the site..hehehe). A learning experience for you for sure, and now for us since you have shared. Thanks for posting this. We all learn from other people. And again, I’m truly sorry. Hope things work out for the best.

P.S. ys, YOU BUTCHERED IT!!!….lol. Just kidding. It’s nice to be quoted. Gives one a big head (well you know what I mean).


ugh, I feel for you, pal.
In any case give your unit the time it needs to heal up.
If you then still feel the risks are worth taking come back here and take it really slow and relaxed this time.
Oh and maybe ask before you overstretch something again :leftie:

a) GRRRRRR *bitesynaandripsoutpartofit* :leftie:
b) <monty> Egg-cellent *taps.fingers* </monty>

I’ll stretch my penis very careful from now :|

Here’s a tip for you pulsar:

If you have access to an anatomy have a look at the innervation of the penis. If you don’t, never mind. When you study where the nerves run exactly that innervate the penis it is most save to stretch the penis stright up (close to your stomack)or 90°. What you should look out for is that you do not hold the foreskin while stretching, only hold behind the glans!! And whats most important be concetrated while doing it! I was reading some stuff on the internet when it happend and I think that’s why I reacted too late!

Good luck man

Ouch! Thank you for the tip, surfdude :)

I get a slight burning under my head when stretching but I find a long hot bath soothes this and it goes away, it’s because I have a tight bit of skin under my head and it hurts a bit to stretch it, I also find switching to a different exercise works well, if its hurting to stretch, jelq, or tense your PC

Bump I think I did the same thing, please help.

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