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HELP a Newbie

HELP a Newbie

Dear Members,
First of all excuse me for my English but it’s not my language…
I’m a newbie of the P.E. And I have some questions…
I think to start with :

8 minutes Hot Wrap

5 minutes Stretch of 30 seconds

10 minutes Wet Jelq

8 minutes Hot Wrap

The first week only one day in and one day off…then two day in and one off.
My questions are:

1) In an Italian website I found that Hot Wrap should be done in a complete erections…is it important or I can do it at rest?

2) I’m taking Propecia for a problem of Alophecia…the effect of workout will be easier for the presence of finasteride (which doesn’t enable the conversion of testosterone in DHT,an androgen hormone) ?

3) 2 days on / 1 day off for how long?

4) The last question is about jelqing:I must do it with a 60%-80% of erections…how many strength do I have to impress to the pump?

Sorry for my questions if you think that they are silly…

Cerco anche qualche mio connazionale con cui scambiare pareri nella mia lingua,grazie.

Hello Fromhell,

Welcome to the forum.

1/ Flaccid is fine, there is no need for an erection but massaging the penis can be useful.

2/ I have no idea, I’m sure someone will answer. I do know there are some propecia users here who also PE.

3/ Until you feel it’s not working anymore. If you feel your penis is not getting enough of a workout, go up to 3 days on / 1 day off. It probably won’t take you long to feel this is too little.

4/ I’m not 100% sure I understand. When you do a stroke you need to tighten your grip taking into account your erection strength. Your grip must allow some blood past it, so it cannot be too tight and you should not feel the pressure rising dramatically as your stroke progresses. Test how tight your grip has to be to prevent you moving it forward, and then relax from there (be careful).

>Cerco anche qualche mio connazionale con cui scambiare pareri nella mia lingua,grazie.<

We do have other Italian members here. In fact the Italian membership is probably the second fastest growing behind the US. I’m sure there will be an opportunity to discuss in Italian. Maybe you should start a thread asking for other Italian members to make themself known.

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1 Not necessarily, I for instance only warm up by getting an erection without wrapping.

3 For at least a month and then you could increase it if you feel like it. Do the newbie routine for at least 3 months though.

4 Pull as hard as feels good, feeling tired is ok, feeling pain isn’t. What do you exactly mean with “impress to the pump”?

Thank you for your answers

Originally Posted by Someonefromhell
How many strength do I have to impress to the pump?

I want to know how strength I need to give to the stroke.but I think that Memento explained me well..

I’ll write a new post for Italian members..
Bye.and stay tuned :-)

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