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HELP a newbie!

HELP a newbie!

Hey guys

I am 18 years old and my penis measures 5” in length bone pressed and 4.5” in girth at the mid shaft. I am pretty unhappy with this and want to do something about it right away.

Do you think it is a good idea to begin with luvdadus’ beginners routine? What sort of gains do you think I can expect in the first 8 weeks by using this routine?

With jelqing, should I do it flaccid, erect or semi-erect? What type of stretches should be done to maximize an increase in length?

I look forward to becoming a long time member of this PE community.

Also, what do the abbreviations such as NBFSL, etc mean? I couldnt find them in the glossary.

Hi Pumping_Iron!

Welcome to the forums!

Onto your questions….

I would definately reccomend you going with the luvdadus’ beginners routine until you condition your penis to these new sensations and exertions. Your gains in this time could range from nothing up to an inch in length (although very unlikely) PE is not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change, just like body-building. Most likely you will notice your penis hanging much more….being more masculine….and generally thicker and longer while flacid in your first 8 weeks. As you move onto the more advanced excercizes you will likely see gains come quickly at first.

Jelqing should be done in a semi-erect state, play around with erection levels till you find what suits you. anywhere from 50% up to around 80% should be within workable range.

NBFSL stands for Non-Bonepressed Flaccid stretched length
BPEL stands for Bone-pressed Erect Length

etc etc…..

you should be able to work the rest out :)

Good luck!!


Welcome to the Forum - it is a great place for many of us.

First, I’d like to reassure you that you can make gains here. But I sense a real urgency in your tone. I’d just like to caution you (if that’s the case) to relax. Whatever your gain goal, realize it will take time to achieve it. Being urgent is really only going to guarantee one thing - injury. And being a newbie, an injury could put you off entirely (and has done so for many guys).

So just take a deep breath and recognize you’ve found the place that can really help you, but it will take time to achieve what you want. By finding Thunders you are way more than halfway home. Wow, this all reminds me how thankful I was when I stumbled upon PE and realized my dream of being a John Holmes stunt double wasn’t entirely out the window!

Second, now start w/ Luvdadus’ routine - if only for a conditioning routine. Now do research on length gains and exercises for that. Determine if you want to go for length first and girth later, or if you want to try to achieve them each at the same time. You see, this is the Length or Girth First issue. Do some research and you’ll find threads where this theory is discussed. You need to figure out what you think is the actual case and how you’ll handle it.

Well, you’ll get all the help you really need here, Iron. Just make sure you take the time to read A LOT!

And that is my obligatory mod speech for ya.


The luvdavus routine is the better way to begin, if your motivated and dedicated to make your exercices and follow carefully the routine you can expect at least 1/2”. But even if you are in a hurry don’t overdo the exercices it’s really counter productive.


Welcome to the forum! Make no mistake, PE is for real. Patience and motivation will pay dividends over time. The newbie routine is great to condition your penis with and you should definitely use it for the first couple of weeks: This will also result in a decreased probability of injury with performing the more advanced exercises.

Do a search on “LOT”. There are a lot of posts to go through, but you will learn whether it is better for YOU to concentrate YOUR stretches at upper or lower angles for more efficient length gains.
Happy gaining.

My life will be complete with an 8X6.

Its been said over and over again on this forum: if you are consistent and dedicated, this s**t works! Notice that my username is “The Skeptic”. I read through all the routine’s that people did to make their dicks bigger and I thought they were nuts, but I tried it anyway. I’ve gained .5 inch in length and .5 in girth in three months. That may not be incredible gains, but they are gains. I have stuck to the newbie routine and I have not overdone it at all. I was lucky enough to have some vets tell me that I would probably get injured if I didn’t start slow. Goo luck.


Started 5.75 x 4.75 Goal: 7 x 6! <-- Started with a piglet, want a HOG

Originally posted by TheSkeptic
I've gained .5 inch in length and .5 in girth in three months. That may not be incredible gains, but they are gains. I have stuck to the newbie routine and I have not overdone it at all.

You went from 4.75” EG to 5.25” EG in 3 months with the newbie routine? That’s awesome. Did you do anything beyond the basic newbie routine?


There is no replacement for displacement

No I really stuck to the newbie routine. In fact, I still use it. I’ve started doing Uli’s in the last week and a half or so, but not too many. I wanted to take it slow and that has seemed to work for me. One thing that I do, however, is stretch every time I go to the bathroom and after a shower. I do about two or three 15 second tugs straight out or downwards. I think those little maintenance stretches may be helping. As for my girth gains, they have only come in the last three weeks or so. I haven’t done anything different, they just crept up on me. I really didn’t notice them visually, but I measured (two days w/out PE) and there they were. Skeptic no longer.


Started 5.75 x 4.75 Goal: 7 x 6! <-- Started with a piglet, want a HOG

Oh yeah, I started at 5.75 and went to 6.25 BPEL, but same gains either way.

Started 5.75 x 4.75 Goal: 7 x 6! <-- Started with a piglet, want a HOG

Welcome to the forum

I cant give you any tips but there are alot of really nice people here that would love to help ya out.

Thanks for the advice guys!

I am actually a first-year Medical student. Who knows, perhaps when I become a doctor I can specialise in helping people with PE :-) It seems like a really interesting concept!

I think that in a few weeks I am going to start testosterone replacement therapy, using that testosterone gel stuff. This is because I went to the endocrinologist and the blood test shows I have low testosterone levels. I guess if I take it slow with PE I will eventually see gains in a few years, i shouldnt be in too much of a hurry to grow :-)

Do you think that the extra testosterone may enhance gains in PE?


If you have low levels, you may be one of the few that actually may experience som gains due to the harmone alone, since you may have had some atrophy. I still use the newbie routine after about 16 months and 2+ inches in length gain and 5/8” in girth gain, but I do throw in some random and more advanced techniques here and there.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by luvdadus
but I do throw in some random and more advanced techniques here and there.

Like PE Bungie Jumping.

Not for beginners, suffice to say.


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