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Help a Newbie Out

Help a Newbie Out

What’s up fellow

I’m new to this stuff so can somebody set me up with some good exercises so I can increase my length.
I’m like 3 1/2 on soft & almost 5 on hard my goal is 7 or 8

1) Read the forum guidelines.

2) Study the newbie exercise routine.

3) Use the search function for articles you’re interested in.

Welcome aboard and best of luck on your journey!

Thankz 4 the replys

I’m reading it now

One more thing I just want length so can I just do stretching without doing jelqs & still see gain in length

Yes, you can gain length with stretching alone, but jelqing will definitely help. You can try jelqing at lower erection levels like 30-50% hard and it will target length more.

Personally, I’ve only gained length from jelqing.

Ok thanks for all the help

Originally Posted by RandomGiant
Personally, I’ve only gained length from jelqing.

Sorry but, out of curiosity, by that do you mean you haven’t gained girth from jelqing or haven’t gained length from stretching?

The first one.

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