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Help a Newbie Out

Help a Newbie Out

Hello Newbie PE here ^_^

I’m 20 Irish/Dutch/NativeAmerican
I’m unsatisfied with the size of my penis.
Well the last time I measured myself I was 7.5 by 5ish(it’s hard to get the tape around it without it shrinking too much :/ )and I’ve shrunk from my previous measurement since I’ve been on medication(antideppressents/antipsycotics).Though my Head is much larger than the shaft.
I’ve also been rarely horny and my dick has gotten alot lighter in color since starting medication and having a cathiter shoved into me unwillingly(standerd proceedure they said :( ).
While I will try to fully measure myself the next time I’m errect and put it into the PE sheet and stuff.
I’m looking mostly to increase my girth and I’m unsure of which exercises I should start out with seriously,from my personal looking over the fourms it seem Sadsak Slinky and Jelqing seem to be the best two to start out with but I’m new and could use some suggjestions or help from people exercises have worked for! ^_^

Originally Posted by Islander85
Hello Newbie PE here ^_^

I’m 20 Irish/Dutch/NativeAmerican

I wonder why you have posted your heritage.

Perhaps he thinks there are certain sizes that may be more common within each heritage? Like with asian men, black men, and white men.

Your dick is big already if I was you I would fix your other more pressing issues first. Whatever you decide I wish you much luck with it:) Also like thunder said go newbie first to condition your dick

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’ve been unknowingly doing the “newbie routine” -the jelq(which I’ve done many times unknowingly non-the less).for years now(explains the noticeable growth from 18-20 even though growth stops at about 17.heh I thought I was lucky but reading the techniques and the forums here I guess not)..
I mean I did all those things(and more lol) in my masturbation sessions which usually last hours..

So still wondering what are the best techniques for girth and overall strength?
I started doing kegels just 5 or 6 months ago and a few days ago just noticed I can fully stop my piss stream fully with allot less uncomfortably than a year ago :) so I can see these seem to work/help
The reason I posted me heritage was.wanted to see if there was anyone similar to me that would comment on if it’s harder or easier to particularly see results.or something :)

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