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Help a brother out!

Sorry Phreakk, but I have to ask. (It’s that time of year)

Where do you wander around getting funny looks as you appear ball less and presumably starkers?

Apart from that with your length and girth you must be getting more amazed looks than I do when I appear in the gym shower after having a pumping session.

(Even I look amazed)

I’m big framed (my legs are spread fairly wide) so I don’t really get looks like that anywhere (my package falls between my legs instead of protruding into a massive bulge like I’d like. I haven’t been to the gym in a long while…but I’m not sure if I’d get looks anyway. I look “small” still on my frame. I know, 8.6”x5.75” looking small? When it’s on a body like this…

That’s why I need a camera. Gotta get my pics up on the net so others can judge. =P

and btw petit, I don’t really understand your question. I was saying my nuts slap against eachother a lot…it’s because I have a lot of swing-space I guess. It does take a really hot day though…this is the wintertime so they don’t really do that now. After a really hot shower, they can though.

I do wear looser-fitting clothing though and wear my waist fairly low (underneath my fatty belly skin overhang) so maybe that’s it. I almost never wear blue jeans…usually Silvertab or other comfortable stuff like that.

Hope that helps. =)

No Phreakk,
There is a difference. When you look at your body you see the whole body, and are critical of yourself.

But when others look at you first they see your whole body then they zoom in on sections. Your height, Your shoulders and chest going down to mid belly, then a long look at your package area, and that’s all they see. If you’ve got incredible legs they will get scrutiny, but otherwise they are mostly ignored.

So if you have a good size package that is what they remember.

And you should get down to the gym. More so, if you want to get yourself laid!


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