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1.5” in erect length in a year, yeah I guess I did gain that much. I started out with 6.5 BPEL and I’m now 8.5 BPEL. That’s actually two inches in roughly a year and a half.

Most people don’t gain as fast as I do (for some it takes 5 years to achieve what I have), but the exercizes I did was actually fairly simple. For the first 6-7 months, nothing but basic wet jelqs, starting out with only 5 minutes a day up to a full hour everyday. I very rarely took a day off (and still don’t take a day off actually) and I think that’s the key to this…consistency.

Girth has been much harder for me to come by than length. If you want more length, stick with wet jelqs (or dry jelqs, they both work well for length) and for girth, get into clamping with Extreme Ulis, and girth exercizes like sadsak slinkies, Uli #3’s, and others.

Watch the Video library here and absorb that info like a mofo. Consistency with these exercizes will pay off, my friend. =)

The only thing that I have to say about is again, this:

I play sports on a competing level and I go to college as an Engineering major. So I don’t have much time for PE. Spending years and hours per day is not something I can do.

Again, if you can’t commit to it for the longterm, you’re going to end up disappointed. PE is something that is a lifelong committment in reality. That’s not to say you’ll have to do hours and hours everyday for the rest of your life. Maintaining a certain size AFTER you’ve achieved it is actually quite easy. It’s just the issue of getting there that’s the bitch…that takes a lot of time and effort, consistency, and depending on how fast a gainer you are, you could be looking at a long time (years) before you achieve a major gain like what you’re talking about.

You can go ahead and try though man, there have been some who have gained a few inches in a few months. Just VERY few.

My routine now is as follows:

After some warming up…
15 minutes wet jelqs
5 minutes “girth blasters”
5 minutes sadsak slinkies
5 minutes Uli #3
5 minutes sadsak slinkies
5 minutes Uli #3 (yes, repeated, it seems to have a greater effect for me this way)
5 minutes ball-enlargement exercize

I also clamp with Extreme Ulis at different times throughout the day, once in the early morning when I wake up (I’m barely moving that early anyway, and always have a nuclear warhead in my pants, so might as well take advantage of it)…and usually one more time during the day, usually a while after my main PE session. Sometimes I do it up to 3 times a day, but it is split up…it has to be, with the intesity of the exercize.

I’m not sure if my routine is the best, but it’s what has worked so far, so if you want, go ahead and try some parts of it yourself. I would suggest doing as much length work as you can before girth work though. Once you start into girth work, your length gains pretty much stop (or come VERY slowly from there on out).

Hope that helps man. If you got any Q’s, feel free to post back. =)

I agree with phreak, don’t kill your dick. I say stick wit a simpler routine and make sure your doing everything proper.

Originally Posted by hammatime2005
No dino I’m at only one other forum. Can’t mention the name of it because of the forum rules. Still would appreciate your routines and how you made such gain. Big up

Hey Bro a lot of members belong to both forums this and mos and if that’s your case that you won’t have a problem but if your CALIs_FINEST from MOS who before that was westsideluv and before that slicknick it seems like all your post at mos are to stir up problems and we don’t want anything starting between the forums it’s been nice and quiet of late.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Ayo man you got the wrong dude. I’m at Mens Network and the only reason I’m here is because I didnt get much help over there.

That’s cool bro :)

Right now my routine only consist of about a half hour to 45 minutes of erect jelqing and squeezes I also do some clamping exercises 5 days on and two off. Don’t start clamping yet those are dangerous mothers. I was doing mostly hanging but I was battling a major bruising problem so I quit for a while. If you have the time to hang it’s great for length and base girth make yourself a wench it’s cheap and works really well and it takes 10 minutes to make one. Most of my early gains came form jelqing at about 70% erection. Gains have been very hard to get this last year for me in fact every year it seems to get harder. Any help you need I will try to help you this is a great forum it’s a little more structured than some others we try to keep it that way because it’s a world wide forum and English is a 2nd language to a lot of people, but you will never find a better bunch of nicer or more knowledgeable people.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Appreciate that. Ill take that into consideration. If you or anyone else needs new exercises let me know. I picked these exercises up from the MN forum. They say if you change your exercises around you will likely see a growth spur. And can you explain the difference between squeezes, clamping and Ulis.

Also what type of hanger would you guys suggest. Which is the safest. I was looking at the Bib homemade hanger.

I never made a bib but I did buy the production model and it was great very safe as far as hanging weights off your dick go. It’s a great lig stretcher. I ran into a bruising problem after about a 18 months of hanging I was hanging with the bib and I was going pretty heavy and I got bad bruising because of the pressure the bib was putting on the underside near my circ scar. So I quit all PE for three months and started hanging with a wench and it was good most of my bruising had gone and I really liked the wench it seems to work my tunica better than the bib. But than I made the mistake of working the bib back into my workout to hit the ligs more and within three days the bruising had returned. If I ever hang again the wench would be the hanger of my choice. I’m not knocking the bib it’s a great made piece of equipment and I stretched my ligs to the max with it but the wench hits both the ligs and the tunica and it didn’t seem to cause bruising. I think if I kept the weight under 20 pounds with the bib it would have been OK the problem didn’t start to about 25 pounds.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally Posted by ziggaman
No. But add just a little salt and it sure is tasty!

Hang on a second; I cracked this hilarious joke and didn’t get so much as a :D

Aaaah, what do you schmucks know from funny! :cuss:

Its all in the delivery!

Originally Posted by ziggaman
Hang on a second; I cracked this hilarious joke and didn’t get so much as a :D

Aaaah, what do you schmucks know from funny! :cuss:

We were just laughing to hard to type how funny your joke was :)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Can you explain the difference between squeezes, clamping and Ulis. Which is for length, which is for girth, and which one is most effective.

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This should help you

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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