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Hey guys,

Been stalking the forums so to speak and reading some of the information posted and I’m quite interesting in this whole Penis exercise stuff.

The stretching of the ligaments attached to the penis to increase size is believable and there is evidence that it has worked right here on this forum, as I train at the gym 5 times a week and have noticed that you can stretch and train certain muscles ect ect to look and increase in size (this is what going to the gym does).

Since going to the gym I’ve gained an inch in height due to building upper back and lower back muscles which have straighted my spine, see when I start I was 6’0 and hunched over as it was natural for me to try and get on the level of those who were smaller than me while I spoke to them.

I know that training the upper and lower back muscles hasn’t made me grow but have regained the inch or so that was lost due to hunching over, and no I haven’t got a hunch back! Haha!

Anyways, I’m just interested in gaining half an inch of size, I’d be really happy with an inch increase.

When not erect I am 4inches and when erect I am 7inches. So Ideally I’d like to get to 8inches but 7.5 would be perfectly fine.

I’m not to sure on girth as I haven’t measured will update as soon as I can.

Now I know some people on here will be thinking well 7inches is above average so why would I want to increase, well I have a loving girlfriend of 3 years who loves and adores my penis and quite frankly she’s happy with the size I am at.

But we’ve been recently talking about threesomes and she’s quite interested in giving it ago, now the only thing that’s stopping me is the girls she wants to do it with. Let’s just say they’ve been around the block and came back round again!

So I’m not confident enough that my 7inches though is above average will keep the other girls happy.

I know I’m a selfish twat really but hey I don’t want to pass up threesomes!

Well That’s me basically.

P.S. I’m Jordan, from England and I’m 19.

Over and out!


Here’s something else to keep in mind as a benefit to PE, Boom7inch.

Even if you don’t gain a fraction of an inch, a good number of members here report better penile health as a result of the exercises here. That’s worth having. And chances are, you will gain something.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I’ve read that on here also, so whats the deal with that then? Does doing PE improve blood flow to the penis?

Since I’m weight training at the gym I’m using L-Arginine, taking 2 500mg caps a day. It’s helped alot before I started taking them I wasn’t getting morning wood. But since taking them I have it every morning!

Thanks for the Welcome.

Kind regards.

Good luck :D

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

PE is great for penis health. It’s like taking your dick to the gym. I find I always wake up with morning wood and I never used to be like that even when I had steady sex with my girlfriend. I stretch, jelq, and jerk off daily. At least once. It’s great for your penis health and if it was more socially acceptable I would recommend this to all my friends.


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