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Hi everyone. Just thought Id introduce myself as I expect I will spend a lot of time here having found this site. my names murph and Im 27 and I live in sunny wales. I have only recently discovered PE and I cant tell you how much of a relief it was when I did. The size of my penis has been an issue for me since starting comprehensive school and has really affected confidence. Since discovering sites such as this one I have a new mission in life: to turn 6x5 into 8X6. Cheers guys, you’ve inspired me.


A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. -- Muhammad Ali

Welcome aboard, Murph. You’ll like it here, and your goal is attainable with some study, hard work and persistence. Just be patient when you first start out so your dick gets conditioned for the long (and thick) haul.

I bet you have already, but you can start by reading through the threads at the top of this Newbie Forum.

And you shouldn’t lack confidence with a 6X5 penis. Regardless of whatever bravado they display most of the guys around you are packing similar equipment, and your’s is going to be even bigger soon enough.

“Sunny” Wales? Really? Or is that sort of like me saying I live in sunny Seattle?

Hey Murph, your size really isn’t anything to worry about, Honestly! Just keep with it, you will reach your goal, all in good time!

Thanks for the welcome guys, Im really exited about this. I know this is going to be a long journey, but I am determined to see this through. Even though I am far more concerned with my erect size (to please the lovely Mrs murph) I would love to gain a bit of flaccid size as it is really small when its not erect (2-3”). It would be nice not to be paranoid about people seeing my dick when taking a pee. And yes i did mean sunny Wales as in sunny Seattle. Thanks again



The gains don’t come easy for most. So enjoy the journey not just the destination ok?



Welcome Murph!

I started about 10 weeks ago and I also intend to stick with

these exercises no matter what happens in my life(usually nothing!).

Maybe we´ll graduate the same year?

Thats it then. Here is where i start my long journey. Ill keep you all posted.


p.s. why cant I get these emoticons to work?

Not another guy from the UK. This forum is overrun with Brits. Maybe there should be a ban?

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A Lime(y) ban? Would never work-we need someone to correct us on our misuse of the Queen’s english.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


Maybe us Brits have smaller dicks than you.:D and maybe I should have read ALL of the beginner info before posting:o

Yeah I reckon English pommy bastards must have small dicks. That’s why they are crap at sport :)

Just kidding…

Welcome Murph,
As WB7 said it can be a long slow road but it’s worth it.

You may want to check out posts on measuring techniques and stats early on. I wish I had.

Glad to have you here.

Thanks goingforit.

I didn’t measure bone pressed, I can see how you can get a more consistent measurement. I will start a progress report once I’ve finished my 2 week warm up and I start my full routine. And just for the record WB7, I am Welsh not English. :chuckle:



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