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First of all, I’m a 20 year old Indian (India) male. I have a small flaccid but when I erect my penis was 6 in. In length and 5 in. Girth. I found thunders palace last November and I’ve started to do the newbie PE routine. I’m currently @ 6.25in. In length and 5.1 in. Girth. However, last week as I was browsing through the forum, I found out that I have phimosis. Being from India, people of my religion cannot be circumcised. My skin has an opening so that I can see the head of my penis but it won’t roll back whether it is flaccid or erect. I made an appointment with a urologist for last Thursday, and he kept saying that the only way this condition could be solved was if I get circumcised. This would not be a problem, but my religion forbids this. Since I had been reading on this condition, I asked him to write me a prescription of betamethasone (the tropical steroid cream) so that I can stretch the skin to the point where I can see my head. But, he refused to do so and said that he had never heard of something like this. So I said “f” this and made another appointment with a different urologist for yesterday. He said the same thing and refused to write me a prescription. So I came home and began searching. I found several helpful articles but I had a couple of question.

1.) As I was reading, I heard that some people used Vitamin E oil instead of the cream. Does this work?
2.) Since the urologist were of no help, I’ve decided to start a stretching routing my self. After searching, I found two different ways. The first one is to get fully erect and then stretch the penis backwards to the point where it is uncomfortable but not so much as to tear the foreskin. The second one is to leave it flaccid and just stick fingers inside it to make it stretch. Which way would you recommend?
3.) Should I stop doing PE and focus on solving this Phimosis before continuing or can I continue to do PE while stretching?
4.) My first day of stretching was this morning. When I was in the shower, I stretched my skin back and found it to be very uncomfortable. I’ve heard to do this as much as possible but found quite a bit of fluctuation in time. Some people say do it for 10 min. While others say do this whenever you have the chance. What do you recommend?


There is a surgical procedure which will loosen your foreskin, without removing it. Perhaps your urlologists are of your same religion and have not been trained in this procedure:…fischer-klein1/

Seems to me that a little snipping and tucking would be a lot less painless in the long run than the stretching you are doing. Whatver you do, don’t tear that tissue in your attempts to widen the gap.

Before you give up on the doctors, try contacting the urology dept of a teaching hospital in your area.



BTW. I’m in the US. The doctors are white and I don’t know of any Indian Urologist in the area. Thanks for the link. I’ll look into it. But I sort of want to give this stretching thing a shot. I’ve heard that people have had success in about 3 months.


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