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Hello everyone. I am new here. I started PE on Monday when I found this site. I started by doing 100 Wet jelqs at night before I go to bed, with about 10 min. Of stretching prior. I did that for two days along with about 100 5-10 sec kegels during the day. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start slow. As for what I want, I wouldn’t mind some length maybe 1 - 2 inches and not sure about girth.

I had a question though, after 2 days of kegels should the muscles be stronger? I ask because I had something strange happen to me after the second day. My girlfriend and I had sex and I had an orgasm. Usually after I orgasm I get soft quite soon, but this time I stayed hard as ever and it appeared I was ready to go again. So we tried it out and I gave her an orgasm and had another orgasm myself. Do you think this was due to the fact that I started the exercises or is it just something strange that happened?

Any way, I am hoping for some good results, I am very interested in everything that this site says and I enjoy reading whatever I can. It is great that there is a community of guys where a person can come to talk about PE.

Hi s3ff3r,

It was probably more than coincidence that you were able to maintain most of your erection. Most first-time jelqers notice an immediate improvement in erection quality.

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Agreed. Penile function is incredibly responsive to changes in sexual routine and other stimulation. Penile growth, on the other hand, takes sustained effort to achieve.

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Indeed. The same thing happened to me. After I orgasmed it just stayed damn near fully erect, which actually had me worried lol. I wasn’t brave enough to go at it again though, instead I decided to wait until it went down. After it went back down I felt relieved and surprisingly got it erect again without much effort. I’ve only been doing it for 4 days, so it’s pretty nice to have this kind of reaction to it. It definitely keeps one motivated.

Good luck!

P.S. I also do lots of Kegels (spell check?) When I’m jelqing and all that jazz, I do a 2 second Kegel every 5 jelq’s, more specifically to get a good supply of blood back into it though. I’ve also been making a habit out of doing them sparadically throughout the day, whenever I’m not moving. Never really counted how many I do in a day, but I’d guess it’s easily over 1,000. I also work on the length of holding the Kegel, trying to build it up. I’m up to being able to hold it for 30 seconds at maximum.umm, how would you say it? Maximum flex? I do that every once in a while during the day, probably 15-20 times throughout the day. Helps me out when I feel like I’m gonna orgasm too early.

Anyways, hope this is helpful in some way, it seems to have turned into a bit of a rant :/

No, thats not a rant, that helps, thank you, I hadn’t thought about doing kegels while jelqing. That is a great idea. I also am trying to get the length up, I’m just not at 30 seconds yet.

Last night though, I went at it again and the same thing happened. The girlfriend is liking it I can tell. I am very pleased with this change so I can see there is definite truth behind everything said here.


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