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Just want to start out by saying hello..

I been browsing the site for a couple weeks and find that I like it :)

I read over the Kegel posts and FAQs. I’m currently working on that now.

I’m just curious..

How long till I start noticing a difference in the time I ejaculate? I’m not going to rush it, I just want to hear some true life testimonies..

Considering this is my first post, besides Kegeling.where should I start?

Thanks fellas..


Hi Kenny

As far as where do I start, start with the newbie routine. Its tried and true, you have to condition your penis to the new routine of exercise vs masturbation.

Continue to read the threads, good information here. Yes, some of it is conflicting, but that is to be expected. Just read and read and read.

I can’t answer the time question, I don’t have a clue. Maybe one of the guys will chime in here pretty soon.

Welcome to Thunders!

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Start with the newbie routine of course..

As for the kegeling, I started doing them about a month+ and I already feel a real difference, it’s mainly in the control more then anything else, once you can control it, it’s really useful.

Thanks for the replies..

I done the newbie routine a few times. I guess ill stay there for now.

Ill keep reading to get more knowledge

Thanks :)

Originally Posted by Kenny2640

Ill keep reading to get more knowledge


<3 the newbie routine :)

It’s already obvious that you should check out the newbie routine, but regarding your other question.. I noticed improvements in ejaculation time after 2,5 - 3 weeks into the routine (I’m talking MAJOR time improvements), but I was doing kegels independently from other exercises, and I did them in the morning and in the evening (my own little kegel routine).

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Hey there, and welcome to the forums.


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