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Hello To Everyone :

Hello To Everyone :

This is actually my second post ever but my first official greeting! Like a lot of other people, a year or so ago I used to be really stressed out about my size. (5.8nbpel and 4.7-4.8eg) Finally I came across this wonderful site and I’m ready to dive in starting with the newbie routine! I’m 22 years old and the problem is I still live at home so it’s hard to have time to PE 5 times a week. For now I’m gonna aim for 3-4 days a week and probably go slightly less then the newbie routine only because of time restraints. (When I’m actually home alone to PE :) .) Being realistic, I would be so happy if I could eventually just get to 6.1nbpel and 5.0eg. I’m not looking to have a giant schlong just something to take the stress away. Thanks for your time of reading my post AND HAPPY PE’ing to all! Hopefully I can achieve this mainly by just stretching/jelqing/kegels!

Good luck with that! I think you’ll find a routine that will work for you to get you to those gains. There’s plenty of stealth PE’ing going on around here :)

Yeah for real, with the stealth bizzo..

Good luck eagle. This stuff works.

Thank you for your responses. It honestly does mean a lot to me. When my stress was at it’s maximum about a year ago, I found first before this site. I read so many articles about peoples stories and situations and it only made me more depressed. Finally, someone came across that site and posted how theres a chance to actually become bigger without using pills. He referenced and I checked it out! From there I read up and noticed a much more positive attitude with everyone associated with the site. So cheers to you all and I appreciate being affiliated with the site.

Welcome, you will find us a pretty friendly bunch, most of the time. We have our moments just like any other family.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hello glad to have you here! Stealth PE is my specialty :)

My starting stats, NBPEL 5.75", BPEL 6.75", MSEG 5.00" Most guys walk up and stick it in, when I'm finished here I'm going to stick it in and walk up :)

I wish you success, brother.

Yesterday: 6.2 NBP

Today: 6.5 NBP (varies...)

Tomorrow: 8 NBP


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