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Hello to everybodyi am extremly happy for joining this forum

Hello to everybodyi am extremly happy for joining this forum

I am a newbie and this is my first thread and post!this is by far the greatest online comunity I have ever witnessed.and I am glad to be part of it.I found this 2 weeks ago in the Christmas eve.and I have read a lot of success stories.that got me extremely motivated.I started PE in 27 of December.and I’ve already noticed some changes.the condom seem much tighter than before.and I am sure that I am going to reach my goals.step by step.and with your help.nothing and nobody is going to stop me..

I am in the newbie routine for almost 2 weeks.2 days on,1 off.and I am being moderate.not pushing to hard.I guess I know my no injury until now.everytihng seems to work perfect.I am very positive.and confident.

My stats are(were on 27 December 2008):

BPEL:6,5 inches

EG:5,3 inches

My short term goal is 7,2 BPELx5,6 EG

My long term goal is.of course the mythical 8x6 figure!!

So wish me luck.hope to hear from you guys with advices and I will keep in touch with my measurements on 27 January.

Sorry for the poor English.I am not a native English speaker.

Welcome to Thunder’s, maxxx. And good luck reaching your goals. :up:

Thank you cheeva!nice gains you have made congratulations!

You’re doing great max, good luck with your goals.

I’m not a native English speaker too, but I think your English is fine and clear.

Thanks pegain.nice to see the senior members are reading my thread.:)

Hi ya Max!

Do me a tiny favor, put a space between sentences. Your English is fine, its hard to read your posts when the sentences all run together.

Thanks and welcome to Thunders.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Ok sunshinekid.I will do that from now on.

Thanks for the advice!

Welcome to the forum, maxxx14. Good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanks clgp7!

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