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Hello to All. How much i can gain?

Hello to All. How much i can gain?

Hello to all members, excuse me if my english is not well. I start the PE now, and i want to have an a idea of the possibility gain.

I Am

7.75 BPEL (19.6 CM)
6.00 EG (15.5 CM) Mid-shaft
6.25 EG (16.0 CM) Head

Is possible for me to arrive at

9.00 or more BPEL
7.50 EG

Bye Bye


Yes, it is possible, but why would you want to?

There can’t be too many women that could take a 9 x 7.5

I still love 789’s old sig…the one about Penis enlargement forum, not penis already large forum. Never mind :D

wow!! starting at almost 8x6…

Well good luck with that :)

Thanks to all for the answers,i have another little question:
For you what is the right percent of erection for jelq? is better 60%-70% or 80%-90% ???
All the opinion are welcome

Lupin III

Yeah you can gain that much, but not many women can handle it. I think you might want to get into the thought process that you are already big.

P.S. I love the cartoon, Watch it everynight on Cartoon Network

From what I have read, jelqing should be done at about 80% erect.

Sometimes when I jelq I have to squeeze at the base and stroke a bit to maintain 80%.

I jelq at about 50%


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

50%-70% seems to be the general consensus.

Welcome to the forum. Higher percentage hardness for girth, lower for length is the conventional wisdom concerning jelqing.

I’d really recommend against aiming for more girth, but it’s your choice.

If i understand the high erection is better for girth and low erection is better for length, it’s right?

Another thing, for you 6 inch of girth is ok and 7 is too big?

I know some guys that have 10x8 and have many girls, all the partners that i had say to me that i am good in sex but i want more,i think 9x7 is perfect.

Lupin III

10x8 is like 1 in a million or more. You are already very big. If you want to became a better lover you could improve your lover skills or your endurance. At 8x6 95% of the girls will think that you are huge. I have an 7.5x6 and same times I have to lick their pussy for long time and start slow.

I wouldn´t like to have a dick thicker than 7 inches. It could take hours to get the girl hot enough.

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I jelq at 50 % for gain lenght, man, why everybody always wants more, it’s a psychological thing?

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Originally Posted by Lupin III
I know some guys that have 10x8…

Lupin III

How do you “know” this? Unless you’ve personally measured them, I’d be skeptical.

Hello, the thing that say dafranca is for me in part true many times it’s the same for me but i think with zeal we can become special in bed.

For give an answer to rubberbandman, I say that not personally measured them, but i make some sports and in the showers a lot of time i see very impressive things, and other guys say me about their size but i can’t to be sure that they say to me the truth, but with the things that i see i say that big dick aren’t infrequent.

I am sufficently satisfatied about my size but i think that more is better, only this.

Thank you to all for yours answer

Lupin III

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