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Hello Thunders

Hello Thunders

I’ve been lurking for a while, on and off, and I decided that I will give PE a go.

First of all, my eq has not been satisfactory for more than a year. Maybe it’s due to over masturbation, which I’ve curved(once every day), or a low(?) sex drive. I will change my eating habits, start exercising seriously and abstain from porn.

As soon as my eq gets noticeably better and stabilizes, I will devise a light PE schedule according to what feels good to me and keep at it.
My goal is +1 inch length +1 inch girth. As soon as my eq is ok, I will post measurements.

I am suspecting that venous leakage is the underlying reason of poor eq but the doctor is saying that the porn is to blame and that besides that I am fine.
That’s the reason for lurking for so long, but I decided that it’s time to try and do something about it. I’ve waited too long for it to ‘heal’.

So, I’m starting with kegels, and hopefully my eq will benefit so that I can finally get going.

This is a great site, thank you for the privilege of being a part of it.

Those seem like all reasonable goals though the girth might take awhile.

I’ve yet to see someone not notice an improvement in EQ on the forums.

Good luck Zerg :D

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Welcome zerg, do you play starcraft :) . 1 inch increase on girth is definitely attainable, there is a thread about that somewhere, more than an inch on length is also doable.

Good luck, stay consistent and you will get there.

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