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Hello newbie here

Hello newbie here

Hi guys

Been reading the forum for a while but it’s only just opened to new members.

Just wanted to add my dime’s worth and to let you know how I have been getting on.

Only been doing this about a month or so but mentally I feel more confident and my quality of erections is better.

I do 5 days on and 2 days off, and off means absolutely nothing not even a hand shandy.

The 5 days on if I want a hand shandy I do but it is mid afternoon 2pm when I do it and don’t do my exercises to 10pm so plenty of time to rest and recover. Hey lets face it if we can’t enjoy our new beasts whats the point in doing all this exercise lol, plus 9 hours is enough rest. Plus if you were running for a marathon and somebody asked you to play soccer you wouldn’t say no I can’t due to only running for a marathon sort of idea.

My routine is the newbie routine but slightly different.

The Newbie Routine

5 minutes hot wrap
3 x 30 second stretch ( 1 stretch = left 30 sec, right 30, down, 30 sec, up 30 sec)
100 jelqs
3 x 30 second stretch
100 jelqs
3 x 30 second stretch
100 jelqs
1 x 30 second stretch
5 minutes hot wrap

Just like any exercise program it is a long haul and not a sprint and it will be have to done for the rest of my life but hey a monster sch-long isn’t a bad trade of. I have friends who weight lift and when they stopped their gains / muscles began to shrink back to normal and I don’t want that to happen to any gains I made.

Would be nice to hear some comments good or bad as I have tried to take a common sense approach to my routine.

Treating it as if I was going to the gym and exercising

I too like the stretch jelq stretch thing. Your routine looks good but it might be on the edge of too much and by that I mean the amount of jelqs.

I started on 200 the first week and built it up slowly adding some extra every week or so to get to 300.

Do you reckon this is still to much ? Or leave it at 300 for a while ?

As I also weight train and Thai box I take supplements multi-vitamins and amino acids.

Well, it also depends on your grip, if youre using a light grip its fine. Only you can really know if its too much.

Id rather start out too little (and build it up from there) and see how the penis reacts to things, get to know him a little better than doing too much right away. Since starting PE, Ive gotten a great relationship with my penis, I know him alot better now, but it took some time :)


Welcome. I also just joined when registration opened back up.

FYI, there is a link to the PE Data Site at the bottom of the page. You can enter your starting size, and also measurements over time, to track progress. Your routine can also be entered. Other members may find your gains/routine helpful.

I have entered my info. The more data we can gather and provide to the PE community, the greater resource Thunder’s becomes.

Again, welcome.

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