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Hello, newbie here, few questions please.

Hello, newbie here, few questions please.

What’s up everyone. I just recently learned about jelqing and PE and so I decided to give it a go. The first two sessions of the newbie routine were awesome, my unit looked fuller and a little longer, but somewhere between my third and fourth sessions it got smaller and sort of hard and shriveled. I took five days off to let it recuperate and tried my routine again tonight and at about the 150jelq mark I felt a sharp pain in my tube so I immediately stopped. It looked fine for a few minutes and then it got “small” again.

I did my first three sessions with KY and there was too much friction so I tried baby oil which seems much better. I think my technique is ok, the only thing I may be doing wrong as far as I can see is that maybe I’m applying too much force while jelqing.

My first question is, how hard is too hard when stretching and how hard should jelqing be? I read somewhere on here that jelqing should be done a little harder than masturbating? When I stretch I pull it until it doesn’t extend anymore and I put about five-to-seven lbs of pressure on it. I use heat like the newbie routine suggests before and after.

My next question is, how do I permanently post my beginning measurements at the bottom of my post? My measurements are (erect length=5.5) and (erect girth=5 & 1/16)

I also get varying measurements. When I first started I measured 5.25, then after my first two routines it measured 5.5. Is it possible to gain .25 inch after two sessions? I measured it two days ago and it was 6 inches, maybe I was more excited because now its back to 5.5. Thanks very much if you read my post and any feedback is much appreciated.

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