Hello, it's about time I joined.

Hey guys (and some gals),
I want to introduce myself and say hi to everyone. This forum has been very helpful to me over the past year. I’ve been a long-time lurker, and now it’s time to join the club and contribute something useful (hopefully someday).

My PE history: I started PE in December 2011 with the JP90 beginner routine here:

My initial measurements at that time were 7.0625” BPEL and 5.6875” MSEG. I also added 50 kegals after each JP90 session. After three months, I saw no gains in BPEL or MSEG. I was disappointed in that and felt that the JP90 routine either was too simple or my LOT was too low. My LOT is 7:00. The results were discouraging. However, I did experience better orgasm control when I fucked girls and had stronger orgasms. Also, I felt my EQ was getting better. So, I was impressed with that and felt that maybe I could try again with different PE methods.

I wanted to find successful guys that had shown progress with comparison pics. It’s so motivational! Thanks to the member pics forum here on Thunder’s Place, I found the motivation and some ideas for a routine. I spent all damn spring and summer this year reading and experimenting with a jelqing device, extender, different manual jelqs, and kegal exercises. Finally in August, I decided to start a one-month routine that used only an extender every day as a test of the extender. If it produced gains, then I would stick with it. If not, I would modify the routine a little bit. I managed to do it on 28/30 days for 4 hours a day. I saw a gain of 1/16th of an inch in BPEL. :-/ My measurements at this time were 7.125” BPEL and 5.6875” MSEG. Okay that’s something I guess. It could be measurement error, but I was encouraged a little.

I stopped PE in September because of work and altered my routine slightly. Now, my routine is 2 hours a day with an extender and 30 minutes a day with a jelq device. The jelq device I use is really just a hot jar holder with silicone-based lube. It doesn’t have the rollers like the advertised jelq device. This is what I have:

From October 17 - November 17, I did this routine on 28/30 days (damn I’m consistent lol) with the extender for 2 hours and hot jar holder for 30 minutes. I saw a gain of 1/8th of an inch in BPEL and 1/16th of an inch in MSEG. Okay, that’s more promising! I took off PE for Thanksgiving and surrounding days since I was around my family. My measurements on November 17 were 7.25” BPEL and 5.75” MSEG. Nice! So, I’m continuing this routine.

My goals: I want to get to 8” BPEL and 6” MSEG. That is my dream cock for myself at the moment. I also want to be a good member of Thunder’s Place. I will write a post on Thunder’s Place at least once a month with good grammar and clear paragraphs. I will post comparison pics of my dick clearly showing the full cock and ruler from the top. I might also post MSEG pics with a measuring tape. That will show BPEL gains most clearly. It seems good grammar, clear paragraphs, and clear comparison pics are rare here at Thunder’s Place. It’s become a pet peeve of mine. More on that in a future post.

My lifestyle: I work full time at a big company. I am single and live alone. I date lots of girls, and usually have two girls on rotation at all times. If I want to fuck, I call one for the night or for the near-future. It’s almost complete freedom. I wish I could not rely on a paycheck, live at home, and do what I want all the time. I’ve always got one or two big projects going on besides my full-time job that I work on at home. I wish I could work on three big projects. Very difficult with the lack of time. So, it’s kind of hard to stop my work on a big project and do a PE session that requires my full attention. This is why I like extenders. I can work at my computer while wearing it. I find it alright that I can sit in front of the TV and jelq with the jar holder for 30 minutes. I usually take my break during that time by watching the Colbert Report or Sportscenter while jelqing.

My reason for doing PE: To see if it’s possible. And if so, how much gain is possible? I know many guys will say it is possible, but I want to see for myself on my own cock. My cock is big enough for most women. I have met a size queen with a cavernous vag, and she did make me feel a bit small. That’s normal and goes with the territory of dating lots of women. I don’t have any problems with women, sex, or self-esteem. I feel I was born completely normal just like most people, and then I learned to be a good fuck. Having a big cock is useful for establishing dominance but not much else. You can satisfy a woman by hitting her G-spot with a cock that is 4” BPEL and still have some shaft length left over. So basically, I just want to see if it’s possible to get bigger. If so, awesome! If not, then okay!