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Hello, I'm new.

Hello, I'm new.

Um.hi everyone, I’m new. Well not exactly I’ve actually been visiting this site forever, up until recently I have just been able to join. It took forever but now I’m happy! Anyways, I’m just writing to say hi to everyone, and that I’ve been doing PE for a few months, and have experienced some gains!

5.3" NBPEL.

BPEL 6.5-6.7" Goal: Anything!

Girth: 5" but getting bigger. ;)

Welcome Naked Tomato!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Welcome to TP’s!

Welcome and congrats on the gains. Keep it up.


2005: 5.5 EL & 5.6 EG, FL: 4in > Now: 7.5 NBP & 6.1 MEG, 5.8 BG (Goal: MORE !)

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Everytime I Visit Thunders, I Do 50 Kegels or More

Hey and good luck, congratulations on the gaining.


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