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If there was a “definitive answer” we’d all have 10 inch dicks!

Unfortunately, PE is more of an art than a science (at this point). You just have to absorb as much good info as possible and start trying different approaches. I recommend careful notes of your force/time, and frequent measurements. Also, don’t change so many different things at the same time that you can’t tell what effect each is having.

Be glad you had some gains before you “stalled out” many guys never even get those beginning gains.

So, join the PE experimentation team, and if you get success, make sure and share it with the rest of us!

When you say “Stalled out” this is not permanent is it? I will gain again won’t I? It’s just finding out what is best for gaining again? I won’t not gain again will I? It’s just trying to break through and get them again isnt it!! Please don’t tell me I won’t gain!?

I am made up with the gains I have made, it has changed me completely, I have more confidence and I feel better about myself! But I won’t be totally satisfied until I reach 8” lol

Thanks for the reply