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Hello guys, I am new and got a

Hello guys, I am new and got a

Seriously does this actually work? I was wondering seriously how many guys have actually gained an inch or more and if you have be truthful and tell how much you have gained and how long it took you to gain it.

I am exactly 6 inches long and 5 inches around, I think my girth is good enough but I wouldn’t mind gaining an inch in length. My lady is happy with my size because she is only 5”2 and I guess I can’t complain either but I am excited to get started on trying to gain an inch, was just wondering how long you guys think it would take and how successful the rate is.

Different people gain at different rates. Some weeks, some months & some even years. The key is to stay consistent and work smart.

Good luck, squire!

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I just started as well and I was curious to how long I should do the jelqing exercises for since I’m beginner. Oh, and when I measure my penis, do I measure from the pubic bone to the tip from the top of my penis or from the side?

Hey guys, check out this link list of threads stuck across the entire top of the newbie forum START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info and most of your questions will be answered. Measure on top of your penis. I gained an inch and it took me two years of intermittent PEing. And oh yea, PE doesn’t really work.

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