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Hello from a Shy American

Hello from a Shy American

I was doing some searches for jelqing when I stumbled upon this wonderful site. Recently, I’ve been trying to improve my physique. It was then when I realized that a certain member of my body also needed a little boost :D

To be honest, I’m skeptical, but I’m going to give the Newbie Routine a try. This site looks stuffed to the brim with interesting information! Thank you for creating such a comprehensive free resource.

Now I just have to wait for my account to be approved so I can learn from the posted videos!

Welcome to Thunder’s, read all you can..:up:

Good luck to you..:)

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Nice introduction Misunderstood, :-Y I nearly called you Shy American there, which if you don’t mind me saying is a super name and far better than misunderstood. Anyway welcome to Thunder’s Place Shy, see what I mean, that fantastic name’s stuck already :whatever:

I’m a bit shy myself, but unfortunately I’m not an American, or I’d pinch it :gulp:

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

ShyAmerican, you’ve just been Roussied! :eek:

Welcome to the forum! :thumbs:


Welcome to the fourm. Don’t let this bunch of crazy guys scare you away. Do read, and read and read some more. Questions will be answered, try searching first, but questions will be answered, in the order that they arrive.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Rue Shy! RUE SHY!!! That’s rather like saying elephants forget.

Welcome to the forum Shy, (Looks like you’ve got the world record time for a nickname) You’ll soon be as crazy as the rest of us, - well rest of us excludes me of course, But that Rue makes up for me as well.

Good luck for future gains,



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