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Hello from a Newbie's Wife

Hello from a Newbie's Wife

My husband just started the Newbie routine about a week ago, I guess and I’m still on the fence about it all. I am perfectly happy with his size, both length and girth and am very scared of him injuring himself. He recommended I look and read around here. He and I both just joined as of today. I’m hoping to put my fears to ease but it just seems too risky when I’m perfectly happy with his penis. He is all about pleasing me and thinks it could be even MORE pleasurable for me, but really I’m MORE than pleased as it is. :)

Hoping to learn a lot and be able to be more supportive!

Welcome, its always nice to have other females on board.

Be forewarned, this place isn’t always a happy place for women, you will read how we are all whores, sluts, not worth it, to fat, only good for one night stands (sometimes with bags on our heads) . Not to mention the request for naked (or is it nekid pictures) that seem to follow any and all females around. If you can handle this place, you can handle anything in life.

I thought about something and decided to edit my post. JAswoman, not all guys here are mean to women, there are some that I would trust my life with. I’ve met some of these guys and they are great people, give you the shirt off their back if necessary, without asking anything in return. But like with anything else a few bad apples spoil….well you know the quote. We have invaded their virtual locker room and quite frequently unless they are really out of line, don’t say much unless the rules are broken or they just need a swift kick in the ass.

Like you, I am totally happy with my spouses size, and for the most part, so is he. He is a member, he doesn’t post much anymore, we are some of the original people here and I wouldn’t trade my Thunders experience for anything. But I already have some tough skin.

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Hello Suzanne, welcome to the forum.

I think it’s nice that you worry about your husband, but PE is safe if done without rushing.

I would advise you to be supportive, and enjoy your new benefits :) .

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Welcome aboard lady; don’t worry, we’ll take care of your boy :) .

The best thing you and your hubby can do is read, read, read. His most important goal should be penis health and avoiding injury. Make sure you investigate the “less is more” theory as a lot of members have benefited from a routine that is much lighter than the Newbie Routine.

Oh, you may be happy with your husbands penis but you will find out that you will be a even happier with your hubby’s bigger, healthier penis. Congratulations to you both for having a healthy enough relationship to do this together.

Thanks for the warning sunshinekid! Unfortunately, I don’t have very tough skin, but am able to brush off stupid comments such as those kind.

Chicken, I’m a little scared of the “new benefits” since in some positions he already bottoms out which is quite uncomfortable.

Keep open the lines of communication then, and suggest that your hubby listen to what you say. We’ve had a couple of guys learn that one the hard way.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Welcome, JAswoman. One of the advangages of natural PE is that, if done properly, it can maintain or improve overall penile health. Many members who have already reached their goals or are happy with their size continue to practice PE for these reasons. Improved erection quality and frequency, a better flaccid hang, better stamina, and a healthy prostate (from regular kegel exercises) are among the benefits.

Originally Posted by sunshinekid
…(or is it nekid pictures) …

I think it’s “nekkid”?

JASwoman, this place is also about comradeship. Just like other places in cyberspace, most people here are incredibly helpful and thoughtful. Besides, this place is just full of laughs!

Funniest post on Thunder’s - ever!

Welcome aboard!

regards, mgus

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Hi JAswoman, and welcome. This is my second attempt at a reply to this thread as the first was one monster of a sideways thread hijack.

If done according to OSHA PE guidelines this stuff is really quite safe. A longterm approach and a safety first attitude is paramount. As I like to say to the new guys, “Remember to not break your penis! :thumbs:

And of course make sure that he stretches out first, never PE’s drunk, and wears steel toed boots, safety goggles, and a hard hat when ever he does PE, he will be fine.

While Sunshines warnings of the seemingly grouchy and immature are dead on we have 10 that will view you as a surrogate little sister for every one that might throw a tantrum. Which means that if you can let it roll off like water on a duck…

Originally Posted by JAswoman
I don’t have very tough skin, but am able to brush off stupid comments such as those kind.

…it will probably be dealt with rather expediently by the guys. God help them if Sunny or DW get to them first.

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Welcome, sometimes a womans opinion is just what is needed around here. I’m all for guys being guys but a little leveling off of the testosterone probably isn’t a bad thing. Good luck, take it easy, but remember it is a mens forum.

JAswoman welcome to the forums!

A benefit that is not often mentioned is the benefits of countering the penile aging issue. As men get older, some can lose erection quality, size, or both!

By following a healthy and safe PE regimen, your man can counter-attack the aging issue and promote a healthier penis for a longer, more enjoyable sex life with you.

Oh, and following up with what sunshinekid said, this place can sometimes be a very eye-opening visit into the deepest perceptions held by men. The insecurities spoken of here rival that of women’s, and will make you appreciate men as being just as vulnerable as women in some respects. But for the most part the majority of the guys here are gentlemen and we are happy to have you aboard! :D

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Welcome to Thunders Place. The bark is bigger than the bite but most behave themselves. We also have a fitness forum and supplements forum More than just the penis and penis issues.

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Got any nekkid pics?


[You have to know me to dig the irony — welcome ;) ]

Originally Posted by androNYC
Got any nekkid pics?


[You have to know me to dig the irony — welcome ;) ]


sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


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