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Hello from a Newbie's Wife

Great advice ShyMplsMale! :)


It’s nice your ready to support your man on his decision about improving a body part, it makes me cringe when I hear about guys wife’s being so insecure about PE that they make it impossible for their husband to do a simple healthy form of exercise that will not only increase the size of the penis but the health also. A women can either be the wind in your sails or a huge freaking anchor I’m glad for your husband you have chose to be the wind.

Welcome to the forum it’s always a pleasure to have another female on board:) .

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JAswoman- (and man)

You might want to look at my thread. It was supposed to be humorous as well, but some of our members are needing a humour transplant right now.
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I was put off doing PE for a few years even though I knew about it, until I read that jelqing and kegels can actually improve penis health. I think mild PE is great, but sure pushing it will lead to injury. My dick got a lot tougher after starting PE and my erections are better, and I got gains as well. I have to say, I am the ultra cautious type. I don’t give my views on pumping as I don’t want to fall out with the “members” here, but I am not a big fan…

I do listen to my wife, and she has said, no more length, but you can give me as much girth as you like :D

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Hey, JustAverage, you’re very lucky to have a good woman who loves you and keeps you honest. Do her, us, and youself a favor and do the fucking Newbie routine. And learn how to jelq properly.

Step away from the pump! :rolling:

JAswoman, as he learns to jelq, he may experience some “spotting”—little burst capillaries under the surface of the skin. This is nothing serious. It’s a sign that he needs to go lighter, but the spots fade in couple hours. It’s inevitable that this will happen as he figures out the proper force and pressure to jelq at. After jelqing, massage the unit with Vitamine E oil to speed recovery and keep the unit supple.

It would be really cool to hear back from both of you the results after three months of the Newbie routine.

Cheeva forgot to point out that massage with Vitamine E oil speeds recovery even faster if the massage isn’t self-administered.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by mgus

Cheeva forgot to point out that massage with Vitamine E oil speeds recovery even faster if the massage isn’t self-administered.

:rolling: Brilliant, I was thinking the same thing, just couldn’t phrase it as well.

Originally Posted by ShyMplsMale

10hg for 10 minutes isn’t the end of the world, but I wouldn’t do it again. I’ve gone up higher and I regret it.

10 for 10 would kill me, I usually like to stay between 2.5-3.5 hg.

I don’t know why but I find myself annoyed with female members joining this site.

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Comparison Pictures, 8in to 9in= My Comparison Pic thread.

Originally Posted by ThePapSmearster
I don’t know why but I find myself annoyed with female members joining this site.

I’m afraid you will have to live with it.

As they are all welcome here

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Mravg, I am lucky I did not injure my self. I just found out that I am a moron and made way too many assumptions on what was safe. The more I read the more I learn. I guess seeing them at the toy stores made me feel that they could not be that dangerous (They also carry dildos that are 24” long and as big around as a soda can). Lesson learned!

Cheeva, The pump is history. It appeared to be the only way gain girth without adding too much to length.

ThePapSmearster, Well I am glad she is here. If she had not spoken up I could have injured myself. I women here are a valuable asset, I would like to think most of the men here are here because they want to please there women better. If I was here for my own insecurities I would be going for length but my length is already at her limit. We both agree that a little more girth would be better.

Justaverage: if you stick with safe pumping pressures (3.0 to 5.0HG) you may find the pump is a great device.

But wait until after you have done a newbie routine for 3 months at least.

When you are ready, this is a great place to start reading:

Vacuum Pumping 101

Welcome aboard to the both of you. Although my other half does not have her own name on here, she reads frequently and helps guide me in my PE endeavours! So stick with the Newbie Routine for the 3 months and let us know how it is looking.Literally. Some pics posting soon would be nice of before and after.

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Originally Posted by mgus

Cheeva forgot to point out that massage with Vitamin E oil speeds recovery even faster if the massage isn’t self-administered.

Not a problem, I’d be glad to help him out! :inlove:

ThePapSmearster- I’m here to support my husband in every way I can and make sure he stays safe. He is a very intelligent man (yeah, he can’t spell worth a flip though.. Love you babe! ;) ) But has been known to lack common sense. :) Why are you annoyed with females joining the board? Is there a reason in particular?

After our “discussion” last night he decided to just work on premature ejaculation and penile health but I will sit down with him tonight and we’ll read about the Newbie Routine together tonight and see if he would be able to follow the guidelines and be SAFE about it. There is no need to rush as he has everything he needs to satisfy my every need! :Wave:

Yay! Welcome aboard, both of you!

JAswoman - always nice to hear a female perspective. As penis obsessed guys we have a tendency to lose sight of the big picture. I envy you both: I’ve been around for over a year and I can’t bring myself to tell my wife about PE. I do know that she has experienced some of its benefits though! :D

One of the huge (no pun intended) issues we deal with here is the misperception of size, both by men and women. I think that most women do not understand how insecure most of us men are about our penises and how deeply this issue has affected many of us from a very young age. Both parties have serious misconceptions about size.

That being said, JustAverage, given your stats, you are a little above average in length and solidly above average in girth.

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