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Hello from a Newbie's Wife

We should have a forum rule that female members should post their naked pictures when they register.


Originally Posted by JAswoman
Chicken, I’m a little scared of the “new benefits” since in some positions he already bottoms out which is quite uncomfortable.

Hmm, I wonder what her husband’s username is, or more to the point, I wonder what his BPEL is, since he bottoms out in some positions.

Oh, and welcome JAswoman!

JAswoman, I forgot to mention were like a bunch of cats. Were an incredibly nosey bunch.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by JAswoman

Chicken, I’m a little scared of the “new benefits” since in some positions he already bottoms out which is quite uncomfortable.

Hi. ‘Bottoming out’ as in pushing your bottom wall backwards to it’s limit? Otherwise I’m inclined to think if it may just be too much contact with your cervix at times.

And so it begins… .


good to see women in here as well. Hopefully the number of women in here will grow in a higher rate than our penises.
The other time I was expecting some female answers from females but only received from males. Anyway got the answer to what I was trying to find out.


Originally Posted by Boondocksaint
We should have a forum rule that female members should post their naked pictures when they register.

You almost made me spit out my water! Thanks for the laugh.

Started 4/20/08 BPEL 7.0 EG 5.5

Current 9/08 7 3/8 BPEL X 5.75 MSEG

Aiming for a more realistic goal - 8 NBPEL 6.5 MSEG

Originally Posted by JAswoman
am very scared of him injuring himself.

Aswoman — I was very cautious myself — My penis is pretty damn valuable to me and I did not want to hurt it in any way.

However my research convinced me that I could do PE without hurting myself. The number one rule — IF IT HURTS, DON’T DO IT!

Let me recommend that your husband looks at these two threads. The regular standard newbie routine was too stressful for me — but I had very good results with a routine similar to the one in “New Newbie.” A less is more approach has been good for me,

Is starting out lesser necessarily better

NEW newbie + advanced routine


You probably will not hear much more from JAswoman any more. I had not communicated clearly, what I was doing. I was not following the newbie routine because I want to work on girth only. I had started a newbie pumping routine wile I was following to time and ramp up part I was going by feel on the pressure. The pressure I was using was higher than recommended (10”) for starting out. I never had any pain or red spots but I was not following the routine. Needless to say that after our discussion about honesty she is no longer on board with the PE thing so I will not continue. I will hang around and learn more about ejaculation control and all the other very educational things at Thunders but I think my growing days are over before they started I will remain just average.

Kojack10, I don’t know my BPEL but my NBPEL is 6.5 and EG is 5.5 on my absolute best day. Most of the time my NBPEL is 6.2 and EG is 5.2

Beenthere, I don’t think I am bottoming out, in the right position under best conditions at deepest penetration it feels like the tip is touching a marshmallow. I have never felt any pressure or like I could not go further with more length. My plan was to work solely on girth and that length would probably be the stopping factor.

As far as nekkid pics, we both say no way! I was negotiating a good ass pic for my avatar but that is probably out now.

Sorry guys, There was not enough blood in the right head.

JA, did you injure yourself?

Horny Bastard

Most [but probbably not all] of us were kidding about the nekkid pic stuff— but I understand if she thinks we’re all a little nutty— hell, I think we’re all a little nutty.

That said, as someone observing your PE process in real time any feedback that she/ both of you could share would likely be greatly appreciated.

Luck on your path.

No, he did not injure himself and he better be damn glad he didn’t! LOL We had a pretty heated discussion last night when I was fixing to reply here stating that I was mixed up and he was not doing the Newbie Routine, he was just pumping for 10 minutes at a pressure of 10 and he did not want me to post that for fear of many replies about how dangerous that is. Needless to say, he had been telling me how “safe” he was being and such prior to this. So I was very upset that he was not being safe and starting out slowly as he had told me.

And about the bottoming out, he is hitting my cervix which he says feels like a marshmallow, not to me though, hurts like hell! LOL

AndroNYC- No worries, we knew you all were mostly joking about the nekkid pics!

10hg for 10 minutes isn’t the end of the world, but I wouldn’t do it again. I’ve gone up higher and I regret it. It was only a few times, though. It’s like taking pain killers. If two pills work, then 10 must really do the job, right? Not so. :) Pumping at higher pressures just make the penis more tougher and harder to enlarge.

If one continues to “beat their dick up”, it’s harder to break through a plateau once they reach it.

2-3hg is a good place to be and he should gradually work his way up to 5hg over the weeks and months.


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