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Hello Friends

Hello Friends

I started PEing in 09/2005 my starting stats were 5.75”NBPEL 6.25”BPEL, 5.00”EG. Now I’m at 6.75”-7”BPEL and 5.375”EG.

12/05/2005 I started using a Extender and have been keeping a log of it. My first goal is 7”NBPEL 5.5EG I’m around 6.25”-6.375” NBPEL now and only .125” left to go for the 5.5”EG. I’m a full time worker and student at the age of 30 but somehow I find the time to do my PEing. I’m hopeing this forum will help keep me in the grove. Good luck to everyone in making your goals.

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Welcome, Jackman! Glad you found us here at Thunder’s Place, and congratulations on the gains…
If you keep gaining like that, you’ll have to change your name to “Huge Jackman”! :chuckle:



:-k :

A newbie who keeps good records of his gains and doesn’t advertise what kind of Extender he uses unless asked. Now that’s class.

Welcome Jackman. I think you will like it here.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I agree with BG, so what kind of extender did you use lol.

Did you know America ranks the lowest in education but the highest in drug use? It's nice to be number one, but we can fix that. All we need to do is start the war on education. If it's anywhere near as successful as our war on drugs, in no time we'll all be hooked on phonics

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Welcome to Thunders. :)

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Lazy Wally Inc. welcomes you warmly :D

Keep on gaining, keep on gaining…

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Welcome to Thunder’s Jackman, your thorough approach will reap dividends..:)

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

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Thanks for the welcome guys! I believe this forum will help me a lot. It’s great for motivation!

Gameofinches: I use the Euro Extender but had to make some modifications for comfort and slippage problems.


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