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Hello folks

Hello folks

Hello folks,

I just joined today and I would like to thank the creators, contributors, and all members of this website for making PE possible. I’ve been doing PE for quite some time… on and off… never had the motivation to keep on. But well, here I am, starting all over again. Before I started PE, my measurements were, EL: 4.5” EG: 4.5”
The longest time I did PE before coming to a halt was for about 3 months (missed couple of days though), and had an increase of .25” in EL and a slight increase in girth. My goals are pretty modest… I just hope I can reach an EL of 6” and an EG of 5” and I’ll be happy. I’ve done some reading on the forums and unfortunately, found out that I have a low LOT… around 6 and 7 o’clock. That means that I have to workout my Tunica more than any other thing right? Sigh… I’ll stick to the newbie routine for some time, but I plan on doing mostly stretches to concentrate on length…

Any recommendations?

Thanks for replying Thunder,
Actually, I started all over 2 weeks ago and my concept of a newbie routine is:
5 min warm up
15 min manual stretches (front, down, left, right, excluding upward stretch) each stretch for about 20 seconds
10 min jelqing
Warm down with a hot shower

4 days on, 1 day off..

Do you think I should make any kind of adjustment?

A word of advice, I started by doing 4days on/ 1 off. Then on about the third day, I noticed my flaccid AND erect penis were noticeably smaller. It scared the living daylights out of me, so I rested, and the next day it was back to normal. I would recommend doing 2days on/ 1day off for a little while just to get perfectly conditioned. Good Luck , and lets see some gains :D

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

Hey need it,

I appreciate the replies and the advices. I’m open to suggestions from more experienced, knowledgeable members and I’ll gladly follow them. For how long do you think I should follow the 2 on/ 1 off routine before moving to a more constant one ( 4 days on/ 1 day off, 5 days on/ 2 days off)?

Thanks again.


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