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Hello everyone

Hello everyone

This is my first time on this site and I’m hoping the site will be useful.I found out about this site from a man called phat9.thank you phat9 for introducing me to this only question is that do you think that taking any of those over the counter pills really?has anybody had success with them?

Hi casey, welcome to thunders. :)

The general consensus around here is that those penis enlargement pills are bogus. They may have some merit as far as erection frequency or hardness, but they certainly don’t make your dick bigger (it takes a lot of hard work for that).

Check out the forum guidelines for posting style before your next post (i.e. put spaces after your periods and capitalize what shoud be captialized). Thunder can be a stickler for that sort of thing. :)

Good luck!

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A bastard at times too.

Hey, don’t let Thunder hear you saying that!


PleAzE Reed thu FOWum gidelines, THunDER.

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That’s it! I’ve had it with you guys! RTG, you’re in charge now!

Now see what you guys have gone and done!! They didn’t mean Thunder, honest. Plz 4give dem.


Oh, welcome to Thunder’s casey. Where are my manners today.

Stay away from the pills. They are just a waste of money. On second thought, I have some that you can purchase for only 29.99 that work really well. Yeah, that’s it. Just kidding. Don’t waste your time or money. Both are too valuable.



Welcome! phat9 is a great guy, one of the “originals”, and I’m glad he introduced you to the forum. I think you’ll find some interesting dialogue here if you care to stick around, and you’ll definitlely find encouragement and advice on all sorts of topics.

Re: OTC “Penis Enlargement” Pills:

If I told you, that, without spending a dime, you could enlarge your penis using some simple exercises for only minutes a day, what would you say?



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