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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

I joined a few days ago and wanted to make a post saying hello. I have spent the past few days just looking over the site and trying to take in all of the information it has. Also I like to familiarize myself with a forum and its rules before I post so I don’t make a post asking a stupid question, but I may overlook something so forgive my ignorance at first if I do or say something wrong. I run a huge forum myself with over 80,000 visitors a day so I know how annoying it can be to have people that are newbie’s ask the same questions over and over. I have been looking for a place like this on the net for a while now and I am amazed that I just now found it. I guess better late than never though. I have been interested in PE every since I was old enough to realize that my penis was something other than something to pee out of. I am really eager to try some of the things I have read here at this great site.

Last week before I found this forum I purchased the fastsize extender and right now I am only up in the beginning stages of it. I wished I would have found this site earlier and I probably would not have spent my money on it but hell I have paid for it now so I figured I would give it a try. I have already gotten a great tip from this site about wearing it thanks to the guy that suggested the J & J no hurt tape. I don’t have a problem with slipping out because although I am fairly short I have been blessed with a fat head. :D The damn thing still pinched like hell though but no more thanks to the tip.

I am really interested in hanging but have always feared it, but reading several threads I think that it’s not as bad as I have always thought it to be. My biggest fear has always been attaching the weights to my penis and dropping them and the things jerk off my member. It may be short and I would love to increase the size of it but I am sort of attached to it and it’s not like I can just go buy a new one. I also don’t know if I would have the time to put into it because I am married and it’s not something I want my wife to know about. ;)

So wish me luck!

Hi brisk_99,

Welcome to the forum.

There are always a number of repeated questions first thing, which is why we limit newbies starting threads to the newbie forum initially. Normally it means that guys who want to answer your questions will answer rather than guys pissed off at another simple question answering :)

Can I make a suggestion? It’s a simple one. Hang up the extender in a cupboard for the first couple of months and don’t use it. Personally I think ADS can prevent gains by strengthening the penis to quickly with inappropriate tension. I’m probably in a minority on that one but I don’t see what harm leaving it alone for the first couple of months can do. Also you won’t then label the gains you make initially (some people pick up quick gains) as down to the extender and be blighting your life with 6-8 hours usage each day for the next year :)

Hanging is a great form of PE but try the manual methods first, they may work for you and you may find that you don’t even need to pick up a hanger. I bought a Bib hanger early on and I’ve used it only a few times. Now it’s gathering dust.

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I just hate to spend that much money on something for it to sit in a cupboard some place if you know what I mean. Then again you have a valid point about having to wear it 6-8 hours. I have already found it annoying to use for restroom breaks. It’s not like I can walk up to a urinal and undo it to do my business.

I have tried the manual methods before but all I ended up doing was masturbating a lot because my self control never was that great. I would spend 20 mins or so doing jelqs and such only to end up getting frustrated and finishing the job. :eek:

That was one of the reasons I opted to buy the extender. I have fell prey to so many PE gimmicks I was really happy to find this forum. I just want a larger member is all and willing to try anything. :p

Anyway thanks for the welcome and the suggestion.

P.S. I think the newbie forum is a great idea and may even try that out on my forums. We have a few hundred people a day registering and its annoying to keep track of them and answer the same questions day in and day out. I also use VB and assume it can be setup pretty easy without having to get some sort of hack.

Hate to double post but my 10 mins had already gone to the dust.

It has always been to my understanding that actually ejaculating during manual PE defeats the purpose. I don’t know that for a fact but it’s what I have always heard. I am going to do some searching on the forums for the answer but just in case I don’t find it can anyone confirm that?

I can understand your annoyance at spending money and not using it. How about if I said using ADS will damage your chaces of gains with 100% certainty? I can’t, even though I think it’s likely, it goes against the concensus here.

The jelqing thing will come if you work at it, you just hae to get over the playing with yourself phase and into the work phase, before you hit the boredom phase, and then the yet more work phase. Come at the end of a session if that helps, no it shouldn’t make a difference.

Hi, I am with mem on this one. Don’t know if the whole ADS=bad thing is true but why mess with it at first? I spent something like 4 months doing the manual exercises with zero gains; most of my gains are from hanging. If starting over as a newbie I would do exactly the same thing. We have gathered waaay more info and data on manual PE than on any other form of PE. If done carefully and as described in this forum manual PE won’t break your dick; and, the vast majority of guys will see gains from manual PE.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks guys. I guess it can’t hurt to put it up for a bit and try the manual exercises out first. You have a point iamaru. If you do all of this and break your dick then what good would having a larger dick do you? You still want to be able to use it. :p

You know it just makes me sick to see all of these guys out there having these huge ass dicks and here I am blessed with only a 5 incher. Why could I have not been one of those guys? :(


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