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Hello everyone

Hello everyone

I was wondering what you thought of my penis
3.5 soft length
4.5 soft girth
5.5 erect length
5.5 erect girth

How does that compare to others around here? Also, how much could I realistically gain here?

Hoy! Welcome!

I’m not much of a cock connoisseur but you seem to have pretty decent starting measurements. As far as gains go…

1/2” of length is pretty reasonable and most guys can gain this much
1” of length is going to take quite a bit more effort and consistency but it is not unheard of.
2” of length is going to mean giving up your social life as this is a milestone rare enough to merit its own threads.
3” of length you better be self-employed. This is a rarity. I believe there are less than 10 people who have gained this much and all of them went well above and beyond the normal commitment most guys make to this.

But a lot of guys stop at their goal sizes so I think a 3 is a possiblilty after a few years of commited PE. Girth is a bit harder. Most gain 0.3-about 1 inch for girth.

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Welcome to TP.

You have perfectly normal penis dimensions.

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My girlfriend says I’m the thickest she’s ever had but not the longest

Based on averages do you think this true?

5.5 inches in girth is thick. Most women will experience discomfort with a 5.5”.

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You have above average girth.

And no one can say how much you could gain, but start the newbie routine and find out!:)

Just another random question..

Anyone here a condom expert, I want to know if there is a thicker condom out there that won’t be to long for me?


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