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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

I would just like to say hello to everybody. I registered here awhile ago and kinda forgot about Thunder’s for awhile but now I’m back because I’ve decided to get serious about pe. I am mostly looking to gain some girth via clamping and hopefully a little length via manual stretching. My final goal is to be 8.5x7, which I think is pretty reasonable since I am 7.5x6. Any tips on how to better reach these goals is much appreciated.

Hello :mwink:

Yup, pretty reasonable expectations I’d say, you can do it :gulp:

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Hi there, welcome to Thunders again.

Your expectations do sound reasonable, however, for a month or so please just follow the newbie routine. You have to condition your penis to the exercises and such before moving on to a more advanced routine. Less change of an injury that way.

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Heed sunshine’s words stone02, after 3 months or so of consistent Newbie Routine your dick will be able to withstand far better what you throw at it than if you dive straight in at the deep end with the hardcore stuff.

Having said that, I notice that you are after 0.5” length and 1” girth, a similar gain goal to what i was hoping for when I joined up. I’m well on my way now and I hope you experience similar results..:thumbs:

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Thanks for the advice sunshine and drilla. I have been doing some light PE for about 6 months where I would manually stretch and squeeze with a little dry jelqing. But I did this sporadically a few days a week and never had a set routine or a set amount of time.

I just got a clamp yesterday and don’t plan on getting crazy or over-zealous with it. Although I must say it was pretty awesome. I did 3 sets of about 5 mins each. The pump was great, but I didn’t feel that throbbing or slight soreness that is guideline for a great workout but I will build up to that.

From what I have read it seems that at least some discoloration is inevitable from clamping. But are there members who have done some serious clamping with little or no discoloration? If so, did they have anything they did differently or were they just lucky?
Thanks again

I had some discoloration but not from clamping…Just a a weeks or so break helped me alot with that.

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