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Hello everyone, are my ligs suppose to make a snapping sound?

Hello everyone, are my ligs suppose to make a snapping sound?

Hi everyone, I would like to first introduce myself. I have been quitely PE’ing and trolling the message boards at Thunder’s for about 2 months now. I must say that this is a top notch message board with very helpful information and educated posters to boot. So far I have noticed minimal gains in girth and length, mostly flacid gains, but have seen enough to believe. My routine I have developed so far strickly contains jelquing and stretching, but I hope to add girth after I get more adequate length. My hopes are quite high with a LOT of 10:30.

Now to my question about my ligs. The reason I decided to finally post is because I’m worried I may have actually detached a lig or two from my pubic bone. I was stretching how I usually do by getting a good grip on my little man and pulling straight down. While stretching I notice I could get about about a half an inch to 3/4’s of an inch of my internal penis out by pressing my fat pad and pulling down from the base instead of just under the glan. It actually was much more comfortable and I could pull much harder since I didnt have the annoyance of my skin over stretching at the base. I also was able to hold it longer with less pain and my ligs felt like a strung bow. My first thought was this is great, but then after a couple reps I heard a loud pop from the right side of my base. It felt like electricity went through my shaft and right testical. After that there wasnt much pain except for some annoying small pain in my right testical and right side of my base. I can actually get about a half inch more out of a stretch, which I hope is a good thing, but I can feel a lig come with it. It feels like a thread of 50lb fishing line, but it’s rubbery and it doesnt become completely tight when I stretch. Has anyone had anything similar happen? Is it ok for me to continue, or should I take a break? Any information would be much appreciated.

Wow, Winkydink that is hard to diagnose. A picture always helps however.

Do a search for “lig pop” and try and ascertain whether that is what you experienced. Some reasons why I think you may have done something else is that lig pops don’t (for me) come accompanied with an “electric” feeling, or any pain. Also, check out the injuries forum and see if you can find anything that might give you an idea of what you may have done.

Can you still get good erections? Is there any bruising around the affected area? I recommend taking a break and monitoring the situation closely.

Final point, don’t say you’ve been trolling the forum, members may get the wrong idea. To troll is to post (possibly under many accounts) posts designed to disrupt the forum, cause offence, and break the forum guidelines. Perhaps you meant lurking, or trawling? Don’t want you getting off to a bad start.

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry, not out to offend anyone. I should have said reading. I’m not a troller, I just have a little fog in the brain from being a third shifter.

I am also not an artist, but if the pic gets through I think you will get the general area. I can get erections still, but I suffer from mild ED due to bad circulation and low hormones. My age is only 25 and I am not overweight (5’ 11’ and 166 lbs.) but I’m not as active as I should be. Funny thing is that I actually woke up with morning wood today. That’s about a once a month accurance. As for the electric feeling, I would liken it to hitting your funny bone. It wasnt very pleasing but it subsided quickly.

Hi Winkydink and welcome to Thunder’s Place.

The spermatic cord is a bundle of nerves, blood vessels and the tube that takes sperm from your testicles to their storage place near the bladder (the vas deferens). There is one on each side near the base of your penis and it runs from your abdomen into your scrotum. Perhaps in your close-to-the-base grip you might have pinched or tugged strongly on the spermatic cord which could have caused your electric shock sensation. Like bumping your elbow and hitting the ulnar nerve (the “funny bone” isn’t a bone at all) which causes your hand and forearm to tingle.

I can get erections still, but I suffer from mild ED due to bad circulation and low hormones. My age is only 25 and I am not overweight (5’ 11’ and 166 lbs.) but I’m not as active as I should be.

I see guys post things like this all the time. First, men with true ED generally don’t get erections at all, certainly not morning ones. Secondly, unless you’ve had doppler flow studies and blood tests, how do you know it’s due to “bad circulation and low hormones?” This seems to be a common assumption around here, but I wonder how often it’s really true. Perhaps your mild erectile problem is due to to you being a third shifter. Or because you do other things, even your work, that your body feels is “more important” than getting an erection. Happily, PE techniques can often reverse this situation and give you harder, more frequent erections.

Welcome again and thanks for posting.

How are you? Did you ever find out what the problem was?

What is a “third shifter”?

I’ve only had a lig pop once before. I think it’s when your pushing too hard.

It didn’t hurt just made a loud “pop” and that was it.

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